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Thank you, GALA Volunteers!

Friday, 7 December, 2007

GALA would like to acknowledge and thank the many member volunteers who contributed to association activities in 2007. Many of GALA's initiatives are made possible through GALA member support.

In 2007, members provided hands-on assistance to GALA in areas such as participating on committees, representing the association at events around the world, staffing booths, speaking on panels, organizing and hosting networking events, providing pro bono localization for GALA materials, authoring articles, and speaking to the media about their areas of expertise. We also would like to thank the member companies that provided donations to GALA company discounts to the GALA membership this year.

Thank you to all the members who made our activities in 2007 possible. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future!

Donations to GALA

  • Localization World: partner share revenue donation from Localization World Seattle
  • PASS Engineering GmbH: donation from GALA member PASSOLO sales
  • ProZ.com: donation from ProZ.com Connect! GALA member subscriptions

Member Discount Offers

  • Advanced International Translations (AIT)
  • Alchemy Software Development Ltd.
  • EUTECert
  • MultiLingual Computing, Inc.
  • Pass Engineering GmbH
  • ProZ.com
  • Sisulizer Ltd & Co KG


  • across Systems GmbH
  • Alchemy Software Development Ltd.
  • Clay Tablet Technologies
  • Idiom Technologies, Inc.
  • JBI Localization
  • Language Technology Center Inc.
  • Lingoport, Inc.
  • Lingotek
  • Pass Engineering GmbH
  • SDL International

Event Volunteers and Representatives

  • 2007 AIIM Expo volunteers ( Boston ): Stephen Ryan (Moravia Worldwide), Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory), Kelly Bradley (Common Sense Advisory), Ben Sargent (Common Sense Advisory), Michael Powers (Common Sense Advisory), and Kendra Gray (MultiLingual Computing, Inc)
  • STC Conference International Pavilion organizers ( Minneapolis ): Hans Fenstermacher (Translations.com, Advisory Council) and Aki Ito (TOIN)
  • CSU Chico Localization Certification Advisory Board Representative: Daniel Carter (MedCom International)
  • IMTT 5th Language & Technology Conference ( Cordoba , Argentina ): Gabriela Morales (Rosario Traducciones y Servicios)
  • IQPC Website Globalization Conference ( Barcelona ): Arancha Caballero (TSG-Glotas)
  • SIIA Global Information Industry Summit (Berlin) : Kim Harris (text & form GmbH) and Jörgen Danielsen (Eule Lokalisierung GmbH)
  • ELIA Rome : Kim Harris (text & form GmbH)
  • Localization World GALA Panel and Workshop Speakers : Matthias Caesar (Locatech), Daniel Carter (MedCom International), Mike Kidd (Proz.com), Andre Pellet (Welocalize), Hans Fenstermacher (translations.com), Paul Keigher (Tek Translation), Arturo Quintero (Moravia Worldwide), Smith Yewell, Welocalize, Serge Gladkoff (Logrus), Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory), Kim Harris (text & form GmbH), Gary Prioste (Localize Technologies), Michael Sank (translations.com)
  • Localization World Program Committee GALA Representatives: Kim Harris (text & form GmbH), Matthias Caesar (Locatech GmbH)
  • Internationalization and Unicode Conference 31 ( San Jose , CA ): Stacy Lee Bersbach and Mariano Drzazga (Globalization Partners International)
  • tekom annual conference ( Wiesbaden ) Program Committee : Thomas Deibjerg (TLT), Matthias Caesar (Locatech), Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory)
  • tekom annual conference (Wiesbaden) booth volunteers : Constanza Marinelli (Larsen g11n Ltd.), Grzegorz Wójcik (MAGIT), Johannes Purer (Puretrans), Serge Gladkoff (Logrus International), Kendra Gray (Multilingual Computing)
  • Oracle World ( San Francisco ) : Terry Shidner
  • Gilbane ( Boston ): Serge Gladkoff (Logrus), Hans Fenstermacher (Translations.com), Rui Monteiro-Claro (Acclaro), Dorothy van Lingen (Acclaro)

Regional Event Hosts

  • Colorado Networking Event: Yves Lang, Laurent Femery and Chris Raulf (ENLASO), Beatriz Bonnet (Syntes Language Group)
  • Argentina Networking Event: Gabriel Morales ( Rosario Traducciones y Servicios) and Charles Campbell (spanishbackoffice SA)
  • Amsterdam Networking Dinners: Daniel Carter (MedCom International)
  • EUATC Conference Dinner: Monika Popiolek (Maart Agency, Inc.) and Grzegorz Wójcik (MAGIT)

Translations for GALA

  • Wordbank, ENLASO Corporation, text & form GmbH and [email protected]: GALA marcom material translations
  • Kim Harris (text & form GmbH), Serge Gladkoff (Logrus), Spyros Konidaris (COMMIT), Shirley Yeng (E-C Translation): GALA tagline review


  • Hiring Committee for GALA PR Specialist: Shelly Orr Priebe (McElroy Translation) and Stephen Ryan ( Moravia Worldwide)
  • Messaging Committee: Hans Fenstermacher, (Translations.com), Melissa Gillespie (Common Sense Advisory), Kevin Watson, (MultiLingual Computing Inc.), Gordon Husbands (Wordbank), Shelly Orr Priebe (McElroy)
  • Standards Committee: Serge Gladkoff (Logrus)
  • Marketing Plan Committee: Kevin Bolen (Lionbridge), Shelly Orr Priebe (McElroy), Nic McMahon (Jonckers), Gordon Husbands (Wordbank)
  • Localization World Marketing Committee (GALA Representative): Kevin Fountoukidis ( Argos )
  • Fee Structure Committee: Michael Sank (translations.com), Cara Ludlow (VistaTEC), Grzegorz Wójcik (MAGIT), David Matuska (Ceet), Fabio Minazzi (Binari Sonori), Gabriela Morales (Rosario Traducciones y Servicios), Matthias Caesar (Locatech)
  • Executive Director Committee: Denise Spacinsky and Inger Larsen (Larsen Globalisation Recruitment), Beatriz Bonnet (Syntes Language Group), Hans Fenstermacher (translations.com), Stephen Ryan (Moravia Worldwide)

Authors and Media Spokespersons

  • GALAxy authors : Inger Larsen (Larsen g11n Ltd.), Peter Dann (SDL International), Thomas Deibjerg (TLT Documents), Renato Beninatto (Common Sense Advisory), Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory), Ben Sargent (Common Sense Advisory), Stephen Lee (Syzygy), Alex Fan Chiang (Syzygy), Daniel Carter (MedCom International), Leif Sonstenes (Locatech GmbH), Amy Barnhart (GALA), Aki Ito (TOIN), Xavier Maza (iDisc)
  • Media Spokespersons: Gordon Husbands (Wordbank), Hans Fenstermacher (translations.com), Kevin Bolen (Lionbridge), Stephen Ryan (Moravia Worldwide), Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory), John Watkins (ENLASO Corporation)

GALA Advisory Council
Hans Fenstermacher (Translations.com), Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory), Gordon Husbands (Wordbank), Francis Tsang (Adobe)

GALA Board
Stephen Ryan (Moravia Worldwide), Kim Harris (text & form GmbH), Arancha Caballero (TSG Glotas), Matthias Caesar (Locatech GmbH) and Christiane Bernier (Lionbridge)

If you contributed to GALA in 2007 and don't see your name listed, please let us know. We want to be sure you are recognized for your time and efforts! Contact [email protected] to be added to our 2007 volunteer list or if you would like to volunteer for GALA in the future.