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TextMinded Danmark A/S goes live!

TextMinded A/S

Wednesday, 1 February, 2012

Today, 1 February, the management teams at EICOM and Oversætterhuset have formally approved the merger between their two companies, which will now trade under the name TextMinded Danmark A/S.

More importantly, the day marks the successful conclusion of a period in which processes and systems have been merged to provide clients with an even stronger portfolio of services and products from their language partner.

Both companies have just concluded work on their annual reports for 2011, and both with excellent results.

CEO Robert E. Etches: “There is no doubt that this merger is a seldom one of its kind: it’s not a marriage of convenience or part of a downsizing manoeuvre, but a new concern that springs from a desire to create something new – something better than the market can currently provide. Everything has gone to plan and, where the management team has faced challenges, we’ve come through thanks to the tireless enthusiasm of our team!”

Sales & Marketing Director Jan Strandkvist emphasises the central role played by the staff: “We have an incredibly professional team of in-house translators and project managers, and they are simply the key to our ability to provide the TextMinded™ level of quality and service. Our primary focus is to listen to our clients, gain an understanding of their needs, and then provide them with advice and services that suits their needs, not ours.”

EICOM and Oversætterhuset have long been known for their quality and innovation; as such TextMinded Danmark has a tremendously strong platform from which to launch an even stronger brand. The new company will focus on bringing together the very best products and services, and ensure that its clients are not left behind in the technological race.

COO Britta Aagaard: “The change of name also demonstrates our global presence. TextMinded™ is represented in twelve offices worldwide, allowing us to better support our clients in their global communication. Globalisation begins and ends with communication, and it is here that we can make a difference!”

Jan Strandkvist assures that both EICOM’s and Oversætterhuset’s clients have access to all the necessary contact information for the new company at www.textminded.dk.


About TextMinded Danmark

TextMinded Danmark is one of Denmark’s leading language service providers with an annual turnover in excess of 60 million Danish kroner.

The client portfolio includes some of Denmark’s most well-known brands in the fields of industry, manufacturing, communication, IT, the law, banking, the life sciences and, not least, universities, research institutes, the public sector, and many EU institutions.

TextMinded Danmark has offices in Aarhus, Vejle and Copenhagen, and is represented in Chile, China and New Zealand. As part of the TextMinded™ Group, the company is also represented in Belgium, France, Germany and Sweden.


Visit www.textminded.com for further information.


Press contacts:

Sales & Marketing director Jan Strandkvist ([email protected]) – tel. +45 2295 1505
COO Britta Aagaard ([email protected]) – tel. +45 2943 7170
Press release, 1 February 2012