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TextMinded® launches ambitious communication platform: the MindLincs® Dashboard

TextMinded A/S

Monday, 4 May, 2015

As part of its drive to make multilingual communication more readily available, TextMinded® is launching a cloud-based tool aimed at empowering its clients, not only to obtain full transparency over their translation budgets, but also to communicate better and faster using fewer resources.

TextMinded’s cloud-based communication platform, MindLincs®, empowers every stakeholder associated with an organisation to utilise language tools traditionally restricted to language professionals. The synergy effects are many and the potential for private and public sector organisations, huge.

”Languages and cultures are a gift, not an obstacle. They are at the core of everything we do. Language captures, defines and develops a community! Language defines our identity, what we are a part of – and it is the key for growth and business in the global marketplace,” says TextMinded® CEO, Britta Aagaard.

Several TextMinded clients are already enjoying the benefits of accessing several of the MindLincs solutions as embedded tools in their own intranets, but the Dashboard is the first time that all of these options have been assembled in one interface.

“One client has already managed to translate hundreds of files with in-house specialists using the terminology and translation memories we have built up for them. This has enabled them to reach more markets with key information – without affecting their translation budget,” explains TextMinded CIO Robert E. Etches.

Ms. Aagaard continues: “Our clients have a huge need to gain a better overview of their global communication: which language combinations are currently the most popular, where are we best at recycling our data to cut costs, how does spending this year compare to last year … the Business Intelligence section of the MindLincs Dashboard provides a new level of transparency aimed at addressing just these factors.”

Developed to reflect the purpose in TextMinded’s unique concept of Sustainable Communication™, the MindLincs platform will be released in Denmark and Sweden on 4 May. For more information and inspiration, visit www.textminded.com/mindlincs-dashboard and subscribe to the MindLincs Newsletter.

“Our goal with MindLincs is to empower everyone, everywhere to communicate anything to anyone in any language. It’s as simple as that!” concludes Robert Etches.

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About TextMinded®

Founded in Denmark in 1988, TextMinded® employs more than 70 people in five different countries, backed by hundreds of language experts around the globe.

TextMinded’s diverse client portfolio includes supranational institutions, major global corporations, public sector institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, and innovation start-ups.

The company purpose is founded on the concept of Sustainable Communication™, and its services and solutions provided to clients via the MindLincs® platform.

For more information visit www.textminded.com and https://www.youtube.com/user/textmindeddk