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TextMinded® crosses the bridge to Sweden and acquires House of Stengard

TextMinded A/S

Monday, 2 March, 2015

More written information has been produced during the last 24 months than in the entire history of the world. And less than 0.01% of this information is available in more than one language. As the company’s next important step towards marketing its communication solutions to a global audience, TextMinded® has crossed the bridge to Sweden.

TextMinded’s cloud-based communication platform, MindLincs®, has as its primary goal to allow anyone to communicate with anyone else. A client-specific version of MindLincs empowers every stakeholder associated with an organisation to utilise language tools traditionally restricted to language professionals. The synergy effects are many and the potential for private and public sector organisations to put their linguistic intellectual property to work, huge.

“The translation and communication industry is very conservative, but customers are on the move, looking to keep up with a rapidly changing world, and we need to move with them. To succeed today, international companies have to speak with their stakeholders in their own language – and we have to help them do this without it costing the world,” says TextMinded’s CEO, Britta Aagaard. “We like to think that we are well on the way to helping our current customer base to do just that, and have long been looking for an opportunity to do the same in Sweden. Now, with the acquisition of House of Stengard, we feel we have found the perfect Swedish team with which to share this new adventure.”

“We need first to understand what our clients’ goals are and then empower them to communicate their value globally,” continues Ms. Aagaard.

Per Owe Kristiansen, former managing director at House of Stengard and newly appointed Sales & Marketing Manager, is charged with leading the sales force at TextMinded AB. “We have been in talks with TextMinded® for quite some time now. Both companies could see how the business world is changing rapidly. We share too, the same ideas as to what a communications’ platform needs to offer if our clients are to thrive in these new conditions. As such I’m convinced that, with the innovation that lies at the heart of every TextMinded solution, we now have a fantastic opportunity to help many Swedish companies to better engage with their vendor, employee and customer communities around the world.”

Louise Stengard, founder of House of Stengard and new TextMinded Country Manager: “Our team can hardly wait to begin providing the exciting new solutions to our current clients – and of course working with new accounts throughout Scandinavia.”

Developed to reflect the purpose in TextMinded’s unique concept of Sustainable Communication™, the MindLincs platform will be released in Sweden this spring. For more information and inspiration, visit www.textminded.com.

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About TextMinded ®

Founded in Denmark in 1988, TextMinded® employs more than 70 people in five different countries, backed by hundreds of language experts around the globe.

TextMinded’s diverse client portfolio includes supranational institutions, major global corporations, public sector institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, and innovation start-ups.

The company purpose is founded on the concept of Sustainable Communication™, and its services and solutions provided to clients via the MindLincs® platform.

For more information visit www.textminded.com and https://www.youtube.com/user/textminded