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TermWiki Now Supports Personal Glossary Management

CSOFT International, Ltd.

Tuesday, 7 December, 2010

Sunnyvale, California (December 7 , 2010) - CSOFT International Ltd., a leading provider of multilingual localization, testing, and software development services for the global market, announced today the Beta release of the My Glossary module for its flagship terminology management platform, TermWiki. Using My Glossary, translators, technical writers and content management professionals can upload, store, define, translate, search and manage their term glossaries online, all within an easy-to-use wiki environment. Registration and usage are free of charge.


"As a cloud-based glossary management platform, My Glossary solves many of the usability pitfalls inherent in existing approaches," says Shunee Yee, President and CEO of CSOFT. "In today´s Web 2.0 world, no one should make do with storing glossaries offline, or with tools that don´t support real-time collaboration, peer review, sharing or easy import and export. My Glossary is a revolutionary new approach to an old problem, without any third-party software installation–best of all, it´s free!"


My Glossary´s intuitive GUI ensures that users can take full advantage of TermWiki´s powerful suite of functions, which include instant in-page editing, automatic change notification and Bing-like fuzzy searches. The feature supports all aspects of the glossary management workflow, including Excel import/export, online term addition for easy glossary creation, real-time term look-up and review, and multilingual translation (up to 100 languages). Once fully developed, My Glossary allows users to easily export terms for integration into source authoring and CMS/CAT tools, enabling technical writers and translators to use their personalized glossaries in for more structured writing and translation projects.


My Glossary also supports social networking and real-time multi-party collaboration. Users can invite friends and colleagues to review, provide feedback, and correct mistakes on their terms and translations, all supported with TermWiki´s term-specific discussion, editing and rating functions. Comprehensive tracking features, including automatic notifications and revision histories, ensure that glossary owners remain completely in control of each modification made to their glossaries, with reversions to previous versions available at the click of a button.


Participants in the beta release are invited to involve themselves in the product development process by giving feedback regarding existing features, and offering suggestions for what can be improved or perfected in the module. CSOFT will include these features in My Glossary 1.0.


More information about My Glossary can be found here: http://www.termwiki.com/About_My_Glossary. For more information on CSOFT, please visit http://www.csoftintl.com.


Media inquiries should be directed to [email protected] or +1-415-462-5674.


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