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E.g., 04/03/2020

TermWeb with Ontram: Translation and terminology management systems in perfect harmony.

Interverbum Technology

Wednesday, 2 November, 2011

Translation and terminology management systems in perfect harmony. 

Ontram and Termweb – the joint solution


Interverbum Technology, Sweden, and Andrä AG, Berlin have joined in a global partnership. The result is a full integration of TermWeb, the terminology management solution by Interverbum Techand, and ontram, the Enterprise Translation Management Software by Andrä. The combined solution allows corporate content and product information to be created and translated faster and more efficiently. Users will benefit from improved fitness for global markets through truly consistent branding, shorter time to market and considerably increased translation productivity.



The Joint Solution


The integration will make it easy for users to:

  • Create, manage and share terminology with internal and external stakeholders
  • Translate, share and review text and terminology in a fully web-based environment
  • Ensure consistent terminology and branding in corporate content, across all languages and data formats
  • Access the terminology database from within the ontram Enterprise Translation Management
  • Pretranslate and review terminology in order to speed up the translation process
  • Shorten process cycles for translations and terminology through a predefined web-based process

Andrä and Interverbum Technology have much in common: their solutions are based on experience from large corporate customers, both tools use web-based technologies to deliver the top-class solution in their fields, and both solutions consistently apply industry standards like OLIF and TMX wherever possible. "We are confident that our joint offering will please the many users in the market who prefer top-class solutions to random software medleys," ensures Annika Neumann of Andrä AG. "Users will benefit substantially from combining enterprise translation with enterprise terminology management," adds Ioannis Ioakovidis of Interverbum Technology.