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E.g., 04/09/2020

Telelingua acquires 4T translation company in Paris

Tuesday, 27 February, 2007

Brussels, Belgium -- Telelingua SA, the holding company of the Brussels-based Telelingua Group which has subsidiaries in Brussels (Telelingua International), Paris (Telelingua France) and Princeton (Telelingua USA), has just concluded the purchase of the Paris-based company SAS 4T. Telelingua acquired 100% of 4T's capital after an initial partnership agreement in August 2006. 4T has been providing translation and interpreting services in France for more than 20 years.

This acquisition is designed to strengthen the Telelingua group's position in the French translation market. The great complementarity between Telelingua France and 4T, in terms of their customers, technical expertise and processes, will generate added value for Telelingua and its customers.

Telelingua has been offering translation and localisation services throughout the world for over 20 years. With a total turnover of 12.5 million euros in 2006 and almost 90 employees, Telelingua is one of the European leaders in its sector. Telelingua was chosen as "Best Translation Partner" by SAP, the world leader in enterprise systems, in May 2006.