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SYSTRAN launches SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 and offers a "Linguistic Development Kit"


Friday, 21 November, 2014

Paris, France — A global leader and pioneer of language technology, SYSTRAN is currently the reference translation solution for multinational corporations, major players in the Defense and Security industry and large translation agencies.

Eager to facilitate international collaboration and the analysis of multilingual Big Data as well as further increasing the productivity of translators, SYSTRAN is launching SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8.

This new version puts an emphasis on translation quality, language coverage and a variety of translation tools to satisfy increasingly demanding users. A comprehensive machine translation solution at the service of corporations Powered by SYSTRAN’s new-generation hybrid machine-translation engine, SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 offers a new, more flexible and efficient architecture. Now offering 130 language pairs in contrast to 60 in the past; a reference for branching out into Asian languages (including Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian); with specialized translation models in areas such as pharma and life sciences, economics, defense and travel, SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 offers top quality translations. The engine retains its ability to be trained to customize translations and achieve a high level of quality required for publication.

To meet the growing need for instant translation, users can rely on new intuitive tools that enable the real-time translation of web or intranet content, professional documents, chat conversations or even large files. For those looking for productivity gains, SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 provides an online post-editing interface accompanied by features optimizing the use of translation memories and machine translation. Software installed on site for total security: a SYSTRAN’s key differentiator Unlike most other solutions on the market, SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 is deployed for the client, either on its premises or in a private cloud. No translation leaves the corporate network; thus, intellectual property is preserved and confidentiality of the translations is ensured.

With new APIs, SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 easily integrates with enterprise applications and business processes. SYSTRAN also intends to help businesses overcome the challenge of multilingualism regarding: internal collaboration, content management, eCommerce, customer support, business and technological intelligence, knowledge management and eDiscovery. The Linguistic Development Kit to analyze multilingual content Alongside the SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8, another new innovation is now available: the Linguistic Development Kit. Designed for developers and technology partners, the Kit consists of libraries of language services that can be embedded, for example, in data mining or semantic search solutions.

"For several decades SYSTRAN has been at the cutting edge of language technology. In addition to machine translation, we now allow our customers to process, extract and analyze content in over 45 languages", explains Jean Senellart, SYSTRAN's CTO.

Distributed as a SDK (Software Development Kit), these libraries enable developers to integrate new features such as domain detection, named-entity recognition or language identification to quickly analyse any type of multilingual content. With a low memory footprint, they run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android.