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Syntes Language Group Announces Partnership with Idiom? Technologies

Syntes Language Group, Inc.

Wednesday, 15 August, 2007

Syntes Language Group, a leading provider of translation, localization, interpreting and consulting solutions in over 50 languages, announced today it has become an Advantage member of the Idiom® Technologies (Idiom) LSP Partner Program. Idiom Technologies, Inc. is the leading independent supplier of SaaS and on-premise server-based globalization management systems (GMS) for automating and accelerating translation and localization processes. This partnership will combine Syntes' expertise in language translation and globalization services with Idiom WorldServerTM to continue Syntes' quest in helping effectively streamline and manage its clients' translation and localization efforts.

"At Syntes, we were early adopters of translation memory tools and other technology, and have used these tools extensively in performing work for our clients," said Beatriz Bonnet, President and CEO of Syntes Language Group. "Idiom is unquestionably the leader in globalization management systems, which comprise both the translation memory and terminology tools that we have used for years along with management, workflow and integration features that will result in significant benefits to our clients. We are excited about our partnership with Idiom and look forward to serving many clients together."

"With more companies putting localization and translation programs in place, we at Idiom are committed to helping customers seek the globalization strategy that best suits their business needs," said Peter Reynolds, Director of the LSP Partner Program at Idiom Technologies. "The growth of our LSP Partner Program has been critical to delivering on this mission, and Syntes' superior localization expertise and proven track record for customer satisfaction make them the ideal partner for our growing WorldServer community."

About Syntes Language Group, Inc.
Syntes Language Group, Inc., a leading provider of professional translation, interpreting, and localization services in all the world's major languages, serves national and international corporate, professional, non-profit and government clients. A technology-savvy company, Syntes works in all media and specializes in the legal, financial, business, IT, telecommunications, marketing and PR, training and development, health care, human resources and consumer products industries. Syntes Language Group focuses on its values and commitment to excellence in international communications, learning, customer service, quality standards, and community and industry involvement. For more information regarding the company's services or its commitment to its clients and community, visit www.syntes.com or contact Gaëlle Callnin at +1 303-779-1288, ext. 237.

About Idiom Technologies
Idiom® Technologies is the leading independent supplier of SaaS and on-premise software solutions that enable our customers and partners to accelerate the translation and localization process so that content rapidly reaches markets worldwide. Unlike other companies serving this market, Idiom offers freedom of choice by embracing relevant industry standards, supporting popular content lifecycle solutions and partnering with the industry's leading language service providers.

As a result, WorldServerTM GMS solutions are fast becoming an industry standard, allowing customers to expand their international market reach while reducing costs and improving quality. WorldServer is used every day by organizations possessing many of the most recognizable global brands to more efficiently create and manage multilingual websites (e.g., AOL, eBay and Continental), localize software applications (e.g., Adobe, Beckman Coulter and Motorola) and streamline translation and localization of corporate and product documentation (e.g., Autodesk, Cisco and Business Objects).

Idiom is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, with offices throughout North America and in Europe. WorldServer solutions are also available through the company's Global Partner Network. For more information, please visit www.idiominc.com.