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E.g., 04/03/2020

Spanish Translation Leader Launches Operations in New York City

Trusted Translations, Inc.

Tuesday, 4 September, 2007

Trusted Translations, Inc., Spanish translation leader, www.trustedtranslations.com, announces the opening of its Manhattan operations to serve the New York City Metro Market. The Trusted Translations' New York operations center will focus on providing direct Spanish Translation services to businesses, government entities and non-profit organizations in the New York City metro area.

The Trusted Translations' New York City operations center will provide high-quality, cost efficient Spanish Translation services directly to the end user. As the largest provider of professional Spanish translation services in the United States, Trusted Translations will utilize its staff of more than 2,000 expert Spanish translators to provide the widest range of expertise directly to the client. This will result in more efficient project management and cost savings for the end user.

"We are extremely excited by the opportunity to provide the highest quality Spanish translation services in the New York City market and to provide local companies with significant costs savings," commented CEO Richard Estevez. Mr. Estevez will be leading the launch personally and will be available to meet with many top clients directly.

As a top provider of Spanish translation services to state and local agencies across the United States, Trusted Translations will also seek to provide its high quality and competitively priced translations to the City and State of New York. "Trusted Translations is always looking for ways to give back to the local community," stated Mr. Estevez. As New York has a significant number of Spanish speakers, Trusted Translations intends to offer preferential Spanish Translation pricing to local government agencies and non-profit organizations.