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E.g., 03/31/2020

Social Network for Translators and Translation Agencies

Advanced International Translations, Ltd.

Thursday, 18 March, 2010

AIT Software Development Team has released Langmates.com – a social network for translators and translation agencies.


Unlike translation portals, Langmates is not centered around any translation topic in particular (e.g. translation jobs). It is built around people – translation professionals.


Langmates is designed for freelance translators, in-house translators, translation agency project managers, translation vendor managers, and other translation agency employees.


Langmates has grown from 20 to 1000 members in 9 days, with new translators joining the community every day.


About AIT Software Development Team:


AIT SD Team is well-known within translation industry by past innovative releases: Translation Office 3000: Accounting Software for Translators, AnyCount: Word Count Software, AnyMem: Translation Memory Software, Projetex: Project Management Software for Translation Agencies and 8 other popular products for freelance translators and translation agencies.


Langmates Web-site: http://www.langmates.com

AIT SD Team Web-site: http://www.translation3000.com

Press contacts: Vladimir Pedchenko, http://www.aithelp.com/GeneralInquiries