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Skrivanek certified with European Quality Standard EN 15038

Skrivanek Group

Monday, 26 October, 2009

Prague (October 26th, 2009) - The Translation Agency Skrivanek Group is proud to announce its successful certification according to the European Standard EN 15038 for Translation Services, thereby gaining the proof for continuously being at the forefront as a quality service provider.

As one of ‘The Common Sense Advisory’s 25 Top Performing Translation Companies’ in the world and a provider of professional translation services for more than 15 years, Skrivanek is amongst a selected group of translation agencies in Europe that have been certified according to this high level standard.

In June 2006 the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) released the EN 15038 Standard that defines translation quality and normalizes procedures and translation processes for delivering language services. It aims to define basic requirements for language service providers, to unify the terminology used in technical translations, and to create a framework for customers and service providers in terms of rights and obligations.

“Having this certification is just a logical step for Skrivanek, on our path towards providing the highest quality and staying at the forefront of all technological help that can improve quality.” says Michal Küfhaber, Global Production Manager at Skrivanek Group. “After having implemented the Across Language Server in Skrivanek Group, we have excellent control over our workflow of the 7,000 translation projects and 20 million words that we complete monthly. The centralized TMS, the integrated quality management and pre-configured workflow of Across are in compliance with the new EN 15038 standard. We are happy to be leading the way in what Skrivanek translation agency has always seen and supported as the natural and necessary evolution of the quality translation industry.”

Skrivanek is proud to be certified and will continue to seek out and support quality standards that, like this one, benefit both our industry and our customers.

About Skrivanek

The translation agency Skrivanek is rated as one of ‘The Common Sense Advisory’s 25 Top Performing Translation Companies’ in the world, and has been providing professional translation services for more than 15 years. As one of the biggest translation agencies in Europe, Skrivanek is the recognized specialist for European and Asian Languages, and with 53 branches in 14 countries around the world, employing a staff of more than 450 qualified language professionals. Skrivanek delivers expert translations in all languages.Highest quality guaranteed – Skrivanek is a registered translation supplier for the European Union and has ISO 9001:2001 and EN 15038 certification.

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