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Sitecore incorporates Clay Tablet connectivity for native translation workflow

Clay Tablet Technologies

Tuesday, 10 April, 2007

Sitecore customers can now get their web sites translated and keep languages in sync without coding, emailing or waiting

Toronto, Canada, and San Rafael, California -- Web content management vendor Sitecore has incorporated support for translation middleware from Clay Tablet, allowing Sitecore's customers to professionally translate their web sites into any number of languages, and keep them updated as content changes.

Clay Tablet's software manages the flow of content between Sitecore CMS and language service providers, making it quicker and more cost-effective than ever to offer Sitecore-based sites in multiple languages. Administrators can manage their site in one language, and content in other languages is kept current automatically.

"Translating web sites has often meant cutting and pasting, sending files to and from translators, and project management overhead," said Jason Crea, Director of Partnering and Alliances for Sitecore. "Clay Tablet automates the entire process, making it easy to keep web content current in multiple languages. Quality remains high, because language professionals are still doing the translation."

Clay Tablet's software lets companies automate the flow of text between content management and translation systems. When translated content returns from a translation service provider, it's routed back to the correct destination. Capable of connecting any content storage system to any globalization system, Clay Tablet helps customers integrate and manage the diverse content storage and authoring systems that may be used across an organization, and simplifies localization.

"Sitecore's CMS is used by companies all over the world for public web sites and private intranets," said Robinson Kelly, CEO of Clay Tablet Technologies. "They and other technology companies are realizing the benefits of supporting Clay Tablet directly, making it easy for their clients to embrace broader markets quickly, in any number of languages."

About Sitecore
Sitecore has, since 2001, developed content management systems which allow companies in a simple and manageable fashion to control the content of their websites and intranets while integrating with external IT systems, including CRM systems. The company has an extensive network of certified solutions providers. Sitecore's system is based on Microsoft .NET technology and the World Wide Web consortium's open Internet standards. Sitecore is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

About Clay Tablet Technologies
Clay Tablet Technologies provides software for solving content translation challenges. No matter where content is created or stored, Clay Tablet provides a way to get it quickly on the path to accurate, cost-effective translation, and keep it maintained in multiple languages with minimal human intervention. Clay Tablet's middleware is based on an open architecture, connecting any existing content management or other system to any translation technology or service provider. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Clay Tablet's products are being used by companies around the world. Details of Clay Tablet's products and services can be found at www.Clay-Tablet.com

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