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Siemens Building Technologies Manages 50 Percent Increase in Content Using SDL Trados

SDL plc

Tuesday, 9 September, 2008

Building Technologies division of electronics and electrical engineering global powerhouse Siemens uses SDL Trados to manage the translation supply chain—accelerating project creation, offering mid-project visibility and powerful quality assurance checks to finish projects faster and with higher quality

Maidenhead, UK (9th September 2008) – SDL, the leading provider of Global Information Management (GIM) solutions, announced today that Siemens Building Technologies is managing a 50 percent increase in translation volumes by using SDL Trados solutions. The Building Technologies division of Siemens comprises Building Automation and Control, Electrical Installation Technology, and Fire Safety and Security. The company deployed SDL Trados more than 10 years ago to create a powerful translation memory system, allowing the company to re-use a significant proportion of its content and manage twice as much translation output without any additional resources. Now tasked with translating up to 4.5 million characters every year in-house, the system enables Siemens Building Technologies to proactively manage the translation supply chain—accelerating project creation, offering mid-project visibility and powerful quality assurance checks to finish projects faster and to a higher standard of quality.

Commenting on the implementation, Andrea Leake, Translation Manager, Siemens Building Technologies says, “SDL Trados considerably speeds up our work—and because we can do more with less, we contract out less translation work to regional providers. That means we save money. Equally importantly, the terminology management and translation memory ensure we position Siemens Building Technologies with a unified, consistent face—all over the world.”

Innovative project management automation and powerful quality assurance checks allow Siemens Building Technologies to drastically cut file preparation and manual quality assurance for the Translation Supply Chain. SDL Trados compiles a linguistic database—the translation memory—that captures translations. This translation memory stores previously translated source sentences and their equivalent target sentences in a database and retrieves related segments during the translation of new texts. The more Siemens Building Technologies builds up its translation memory, the faster the company can translate subsequent translations.

Using SDL MultiTerm Server as part of the integrated SDL Trados solution, Siemens is also able to ensure terminology accuracy and consistency as part of the translation production process. This versatile and powerful term management tool enables Siemens Building Technologies’ internal and external translators to access and share the central storage facility for terms, thus ensuring consistency, high quality, and one unified brand world-wide. Moreover, they can create monolingual, bilingual or multilingual glossaries—and direct integration into Translator's Workbench allows Leake to look up terms by providing the context in which they were previously used. “By making terms accessible to every author, the information produced is of a high and consistent quality. This enables consistency of branding and messaging, which has an additional benefit of encouraging faster local market adoption for our solutions,” says Andrea Leake.

Some members of the Siemens translation team have also received the SDL Trados Certification. It provides them with a standard of excellence when looking to utilize the services of translation freelancers within the translation supply chain—while also increasing localization efficiency. SDL Trados Certification equips the team with the knowledge and skills they need concerning terminology, translation management features—and how to get the best out of SDL Trados.

For more information on how SDL Trados is helping the electronic and construction industry, please visit http://www.lspzone.com/siemens