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E.g., 04/05/2020

SEPROTEC included in the prestigious international ranking of the Common Sense Advisory: Top 30 Language Services Companies.

SeproTec Multilingual Solutions

Friday, 15 January, 2010

For the first time ever, a Spanish company has been included in the international ranking which the prestigious consulting company Common Sense Advisory compiles every year of the 30 most important companies in the translation and interpreting sector in the world.


Common Sense Advisory is the most prestigious international consulting company in the sector. Every year it compiles the most influential ranking on the international panorama of the 30 most important companies in the sector in the world. Common Sense Advisory has recognised SEPROTEC’s strong position both nationally, with 10 offices distributed throughout mainland Spain, and internationally, with five offices in Europe, the United States and Asia. Furthermore, it has estimated the company’s substantial business volume, which is over 20 million dollars, as well as its number of qualified employees, currently 358.


2009 has been very important for the sector. For the first time a Spanish company has been included in this extremely important ranking and has been placed among the 30 most important multilingual services companies in the world. What is more, SEPROTEC has earned its position without needing to merge with or purchase other companies, as a great many international companies have; instead, it has followed a continuous organic growth model.


SEPROTEC management received the news and showed its satisfaction on achieving this recognition. Juan Julián León, the Executive Director, pointed out that “this recognition gives us great encouragement to continue working in the same vein, our priority being to tend the quality of every one of our services, always adapting to the specific needs of our clients, and giving them the necessary advice so they can achieve success and the highest possible level of excellence”.