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Wednesday, 13 February, 2008

New York, NY (February 13, 2008) – thebigwordGroup, a global translation and language services company, today announced that in response to SDL’s acquisition of Idiom, it has taken a customer-centric approach and will now offer the standard version of its own translation management platform free to customers.

The company’s recently launched LanguageDirector™, allows customers to choose the technology that best fits their organization’s needs. Using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, and SOAP-based Web Services, LanguageDirector integrates with customer’s systems (such as CMS Systems, Document Management Systems (DMS) or e-procurement platforms).

Translation Management Systems can be expensive and the purchase and implementation of any such system represents a significant investment decision. thebigword recommends that customers should:
• not pay anything until the system is delivering what they expect,
• only pay for the functionality that they need
• pay on a monthly basis i.e. no long term contracts or tie ins
• avoid proprietary technology that may tie you in a particular vendor or process.

CEO Chris Ball comments on the implications of the acquisition, “We want to know what is going to happen to the customer when the acquisition dust settles. Obviously in the beginning customers using both SDL and Idiom platforms will be supported. However, does it make good business sense for SDL to keep two platforms competing against each other in the open marketplace? Probably not. We predict eventually one of these platforms will become obsolete and customers will be forced into one solution. If this occurs, then customers are left with fewer product choices AND will have to outlay substantial capital for a platform they cannot be assured will work for their company.”

LanguageDirector’s approach is flexible, quick to implement and is based around the use of accepted industry standards. Customers have the perfect balance of integration without tightly coupling applications together. LanguageDirector comes in three versions: Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. Customers can begin to use Standard for free and make sure that they systems will work for their company without any capital expenditure. Easily scalable, companies can quickly ramp up to Advanced or Enterprise based on their specific needs.

“Companies looking to purchase a TMS have traditionally had to integrate technology specific to that TMS into their own workflow. When we created LanguageDirector we made sure to build it around industry standards that are currently available. For the customer, this means they are not bound by any proprietary technology or vendor,” stated Larry Gould, Chairman of thebigwordGroup.

About thebigwordGroup
thebigwordGroup is one of the world’s leading translation service providers, with offices in New York, London, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and most recently, China. Offering a global reach, thebigwordGroup is a multifaceted corporation allowing customers to experience the best in language services encompassing the best technology solutions in the industry. With 30 years of experience working across just about every industry, thebigword understands the processes involved in producing high quality, accurate and specialised translations. With a global network of over 7,500 linguists, including translators and interpreters, who operate in 150 languages and 500 language pairs across 77 countries, thebigwordGroup translates for a broad range of industries including finance, sales and marketing, healthcare, manufacturing and IT. Services provided by thebigwordGroup include: interpreting, multimedia voice over, eLearning, and web site translation and localization. For more information visit: www.thebigword.com.