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SDL Warns Businesses to Think Global When Migrating to XML

SDL plc

Tuesday, 8 May, 2007

Research highlights mass adoption of XML technology; SDL delivers 7 golden rules for global XML

Maidenhead, UK -- SDL, the leading provider of Global Information Management (GIM) solutions, announced today the findings of a research project into the use of XML in delivering global content across multiple channels.

According to the research, 83 per cent of all companies surveyed stated that they have already moved to XML, or will be moving to XML in the coming two years. Yet only 3 per cent of companies surveyed have all their planned content within XML.

According to the research, companies see three significant benefits in moving to XML - cost reduction [62 per cent], accelerating time-to-market [50 per cent] and driving brand consistency [50 per cent].

Furthermore, over 91 per cent of those surveyed see the benefits of or would like to know more about global XML - the use of XML in enabling communication in different languages.

"XML promises to provide great flexibility in delivering content to global customers. Once organizations discover this, we believe adoption speed will increase exponentially," commented JoAnn Hackos, president of independent information consultancy, Comtech Services and widely regarded as an XML and DITA expert. "Using XML, organizations can respond quickly and effectively to diverse market requirements."

SDL is warning corporations that the global implications of moving to XML must be considered up-front and is providing seven golden rules at www.sdlglobalxml.com to ensure successful implementation of XML projects for communicating with global audiences:

  • XML alone does not solve the issue of global content
  • Think global from the start of your XML strategy
  • Automate the process of managing higher volumes of smaller chunks, being sent more frequently for translation
  • Ensure translators can visualize the context of XML chunks
  • Optimize the structure of your XML for localization
  • Protect your XML code during localization
  • Ensure terminology and style are consistent across dispersed chunks


"Although usage is still in its infancy, it is clear that organizations are planning to migrate content to XML in the coming years", stated Chris Boorman, Chief Marketing Officer at SDL. "Our experience has shown that organizations must think very seriously about the implications of using XML to communicate with global markets and ensure that they incorporate the global perspective right from the start."

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