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SDL Translation Management software selected by Genzyme Europe

SDL plc

Thursday, 9 October, 2008

SDL solution meets new XML-based Product Information Management (PIM) standard for the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) centralized procedure

Maidenhead, UK (9th October 2008) – SDL, the leading provider of Global Information Management (GIM) solutions, announced today that Genzyme Europe (Genzyme) has selected a Global Information Management system from SDL that meets the new Regulatory Translation Management requirements in Europe, particularly the new XML-based Product Information Management (PIM) standard for the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) centralized procedure.

The SDL Global Information Management system was selected by Genzyme to help them simplify regulatory processes through the deployment of a central translation management solution. The SDL system has the ability to support and enhance the process of creating multilingual content compliant with the upcoming EMEA XML-based Product Information Management (PIM) standard.

“The SDL translation management software will allow us to optimize, automate and secure the current processes. This should help minimize the chance of errors and maximize our efficiency when having to manage our multiple language vendors,” said Raun Kupiec, Director of Regulatory Affairs Process Management at Genzyme Europe. “Comparison of versions and quality control is a very challenging task when dealing simultaneously with 23 languages on tight timelines. A single label change can take up to 100 hours of review. The SDL Global Information Management software should significantly reduce this burden,” adds Kupiec.

“Genzyme is one of the industry leaders when it comes to the adoption of PIM, the new XML-based standard of the EMEA, and we are delighted that they have selected an SDL Global Information Management solution as a key element of their multilingual labeling platform,” said Patrick Baudouin, Vice-President of Life Sciences Solutions at SDL. “Genzyme clearly saw that even if they use external translation vendors, they will secure as many benefits from the implementation of the SDL solution as companies translating in-house.”

For more information on how SDL is applying Global Information Management best practices to clinical, regulatory (including PIM) and the commercialization processes please visit www.sdl.com/pim