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SDL Trados Synergy 2006: Translation Management Redefined

SDL plc

Tuesday, 17 October, 2006

SDL International, the leading provider of Global Information Management (GIM) solutions, today redefined the management of translation projects with the launch of SDL Trados Synergy 2006. Designed for departmental translation teams and Language Service Providers, SDL Trados Synergy 2006 empowers teams to efficiently manage translation projects and ensure total visibility of all project elements across their entire translation supply chain. Know more, Manage more
SDL Trados Synergy 2006 keeps key information within easy reach. Visibility into detailed project statistics on un-translated, translated and partially matched sentences helps managers keep their projects on track.

Key features include:
*Real-time Dashboards enable greater productivity to meet increasing workloads.
*Automated project preparation and management drastically cuts the set-up and coordination time for multiple-language projects.
*Sharing multiple Translation Memories increases quality and consistency of your translation projects.
*SDL PerfectMatch technology eliminates the requirement for in-context 100% match review.

"SDL is focused on providing innovative technology solutions which address customer needs," explained Dr. Chris Boorman, Chief Marketing Officer, SDL International. "SDL Trados Synergy 2006 connects the translation ecosystem of project managers and translators to take advantage of automated file preparation and centralized online Translation Management technology. When this is combined with sophisticated project management capabilities, such as real-time dashboards and project tracking visibility, our customers have a translation solution that is out-of-the-box and easy to manage."

Enhanced Management & Reporting
SDL Trados Synergy 2006 provides project managers with complete visibility of all elements of a translation project - including the status of files and components being worked on by external contractors. Project managers can gather information in real-time across the translation supply chain enabling them to track project delivery against agreed time-scales and budgets.

SDL Trados Synergy 2006 provides packaged, out-of-the box reports so users can easily make use of the wealth of information avaliable and ascertain at a glace the levarage provided from your translation memories. These reports provide instant project analysis insight.

Reports can be exported and stored in various formats such as HTML, XML and Microsoft Excel allowing the data to be further processed in complementary applications.

Solutions for the Translation Supply Chain
Built on the world-class TRADOS infrastructure, the components of SDL Trados Synergy 2006 work seamlessly together with SDL Trados 2006 to deliver the core value of project management - the ability to create, manage and track all elements of multiple translation projects.

Corporate translation departments and Language Service Providers (LSPs) will gain significant benefit from the enhanced project management capabiltiies provided by SDL Trados Synergy 2006. Freelancers who use SDL Trados 2006 can seamlessly participate in SDL Trados Synergy 2006 projects by downloading the free translator's version from the customer center.

Additional Details
For a complete listing of the features and extensive capabilities available in SDL Trados Synergy 2006, customers can visit: www.sdl.com/synergy.

Pricing & Availability
SDL Trados Synergy 2006 is available now. Pricing starts at just $99 per user per month.

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