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SDL Survey Reveals the Need for Global Businesses to Protect Brand Consistency and Reduce Translation Costs through Effective Terminology Management

SDL plc

Thursday, 15 April, 2010

SDL announces the results of its annual Terminology Survey and reveals key trends and opinions in branding, content consistency and terminology management


Maidenhead, United Kingdom (15th April 2010) - SDL, the leading provider of Global Information Management solutions today announced the results of its annual Terminology Survey. This year, two separate surveys were sent to different audiences – one to translators and localization professionals and the other to a wider business audience. Together, the results of both surveys give a view of the strategic importance of terminology management within today’s global business. The results clearly identified the need to manage terminology to help protect global brand consistency, to reduce costs and to improve customer satisfaction.


Over 1700 business and localization professionals in industries ranging from Life Sciences to Manufacturing, completed the surveys. The survey sent to business professionals, such as Marketing Managers and Technical Documentation Managers, revealed some key results:


• 93% of respondents indicated that maintaining brand consistency was important to their business strategy and that terminology management had an impact on their brand


•  75% of respondents indicated that inconsistent terminology puts the quality of their content at risk and 68% revealed that it affects customer satisfaction


• 67% believe that the inconsistent use of terminology directly impacts the cost of translating content


Highlights of the results from the survey to translation and localization professionals include:


• 96% of translators notice common occurrences of inconsistent terminology in the source content that they translate


• 79% feel it is very important for terminology management systems to be integrated into translation tools and 78% believe it is equally important for such systems to integrate into tools for creating content


• The majority of translators estimated that managing terminology improves their productivity by 25% to 50%


 “This year’s survey results give a clear message to any global business that wants to deliver a consistent global customer experience, ” said Sophie Hurst, Director of Product Marketing for the Language Technologies division at SDL.  “Terminology management can help businesses maintain global brand consistency and shorten time-to-market for delivering content to global customers, while at the same time controlling costs and adhering to quality standards.”


For a detailed report on the survey results, read the SDL Research Paper - www.sdl.com/terminology-survey-2010 . Also, find out more about how your business can improve brand consistency and reduce translation costs with terminology management.


About SDL

SDL is the leader in Global Information Management solutions, which provide increased business agility to enterprises by accelerating the delivery of high-quality multilingual content to global markets. The company’s integrated Web Content Management, eCommerce, Structured Content and Language Technologies, combined with its Language Services drive down the cost of content creation, management, translation and publishing. SDL solutions increase conversion ratios and customer satisfaction through targeted information that reaches multiple audiences around the world through different channels.


Global industry leaders who rely on SDL include ABN-Amro, Bosch, Canon, CNH, FICO, Hewlett-Packard, KLM, Microsoft, NetApp, Philips, SAP, Sony and Virgin Atlantic. SDL has over 1500 enterprise customers, has deployed over 170,000 software licenses and provides access to on-demand portals for 10 million customers per month. It has a global infrastructure of more than 50 offices in 34 countries. For more information, visit www.sdl.com.



About SDL Language Technologies

SDL’s Language Technologies division helps companies manage their communications with customers in different languages. The solutions ensure consistency of style and brand, automate manual processes in managing multilingual content and provide instant, automated translation of content.  The solutions also ensure translators can reuse content and improve their productivity in content and software localization.


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