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SDL launches guide to successful global Web marketing

SDL plc

Tuesday, 12 June, 2007

Global Information Management experts share the steps to creating a multinational brand online

Maidenhead, UK -- SDL, the leading provider of Global Information Management (GIM) solutions, has launched a guide to help companies master global brand management online. Compiled by SDL OneWebTM industry consultants, "The strategic delivery of local web content" guide provides companies with the steps and knowledge required to expand their enterprise into a global online market, while avoiding the common pitfalls.

"Global competition is increasing every day. New markets are opening up all over the world, with China becoming increasingly influential," commented Chris Boorman, CMO at SDL International. "There is an increasing demand for globally available content that is delivered in the language of the customer, but this must be managed effectively or companies risk damaging their global brand".

To coincide with the launch of the guide, SDL has compiled a list of top ten tips to help companies get started with going global with the Web. The top ten tips, explained at www.sdloneweb.com, are:

  • It's not just about the Translation! - A multilingual strategy is essential to enable cost effective growth into global markets
  • Align people, processes, and technology with globalization strategy
  • Develop a tiered information architecture that supports flexibility for global, regional, and local content
  • Prioritize content that directly impacts the global customer experience
  • Centralize and reuse translation assets and terminology - this can reduce translation requirements by as much as 60 percent
  • Centralize budgets for multilingual delivery
  • Involve the regions to ensure buy-in and local relevance
  • Automating manual processes: this allows translation time to be reduced and time-to-market increased
  • Establish a global template to ensure brand consistency across all markets
  • Understand that your content management system cannot do translation management


"Many firms fall into the trap of launching a global marketing campaign without considering the importance of developing and maintaining a high quality online presence," continued Boorman.

"Organizations must ensure that their online branding is up to a high standard, resulting in excellent online support for the customer, faster time-to-market and ultimately more successful marketing campaigns for the company."

More information is available at www.sdloneweb.com.