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SDL Knowledge-based Translation System recognized as a key strategic driver for global business

SDL plc

Wednesday, 31 May, 2006

Maidenhead, UK SDL International, the leading provider of Global Information Management (GIM) solutions, today announced a host of new customers using its patented SDL Knowledge-based Translation System (SDL KbT System) to produce and maintain large volumes of multilingual content.

Global organizations have mounting volumes of content which must be provided in the local languages of their customers, coupled with a rising frequency of web site updates and product launches. To remain competitive, organizations must look at innovative ways of shortening the time and cost of providing high-quality multilingual content. SDL KbT System, part of SDL's GIM solution portfolio, shortens the time to create global content by over 40% and reduces costs by 30% or more, allowing customers to enter global markets faster and with much more efficiency than has previously been possible.

CA, HP, Microsoft and RS Components have all recently selected SDL KbT System to provide accelerated time-to-market and reduced total cost without compromising quality. The solution brings together the power of automated translation with the skills of human translators.

CA, one of the world's largest IT management software providers, used SDL KbT System to take its Services Desk CRM product to the global market, allowing customers to manage global help desk service centers. SDL KbT System provided fast turnaround on large volumes of documentation for Service Desk products.

HP is one of the world's largest technology solutions providers to consumers, businesses and institutions globally, and has adopted SDL KbT System to provide fast, consistent translations for its product terminology. The automated process provides consistency in the way that terms are translated, a fundamental requirement for maintaining brand consistency

In an environment requiring fast turnaround on technical content, Microsoft, the world's largest software company, has translated its virus alert pages on Microsoft.com using SDL KbT System. The solution also utilizes SDL Translation Management System (SDL TMS), which automates the translation process, to meet tight turnaround deadlines.

RS Components supplies electronic and electrical components and equipment to industry, commercial, educational and research establishments, offering rapid "next day" delivery of a huge range of items from a wide variety of manufacturers. The products are offered online and in multi volume printed catalogues with a source text volume of over 1 million words. SDL KbT System has been customized for each technical product category to cost effectively localize these large volumes of highly technical content. SDL TMS is used to manage content through the complex localization process, including regular updates such as new product introductions.

"SDL Knowledge-based Translation System is a powerful combination of computational language-processing algorithms integrated with human skills," commented Keith Mills, President of Technology at SDL International. "By combining the speed and consistency of technology with the intuition and skills of humans, SDL Knowledge-based Translation System provides our customers with high-quality multilingual content at an accelerated time-to-market and at lower cost, opening up the opportunity to increase revenues in local markets."