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SDL Introduces The New Way of Working with SDL Trados 2007

SDL plc

Tuesday, 6 March, 2007

Major new release automates translation supply chain management to enable Global Information Management

Maidenhead, UK -- SDL International, the leading provider of Global Information Management (GIM) solutions, announced today SDL Trados 2007 - a critical solution to ensuring automation of the translation supply chain for global corporations.

SDL Trados 2007 allows global corporations to consistently deliver high quality multilingual content to local markets through full integration with the translation supply chain of over 140,000 translators skilled in SDL Trados technology.

Introducing The New Way to Manage High Quality Content

SDL Trados 2007 introduces a new concept of project delivery, and a new way of working with the translation supply chain. Translation Memory is only one of the components needed to consistently deliver high quality multilingual content. SDL Trados 2007 offers a powerful solution that utilizes new package-based project delivery that contains not just Translation Memory, but also source files, terminology links, scheduling related information, reference material and all associated preparation files. This package-based system enables corporations to be linked seamlessly with the critical translation supply chain to deliver multilingual content needed to accelerate product delivery across global regions in local language.

Technology to automate the translation supply chain:

SDL Trados 2007 is a powerful new release that delivers significant new functionality to automate the translation supply chain:

- SDL Trados Packages offer the supply chain reference-based context around projects, resulting in automated delivery of higher quality translation in less time

- New project dashboards provide full control, visibility, scheduling and management of multiple projects within one central view

- Powerful Automated Quality Assurance checks enable early delivery of high-quality content back to global corporations

- SDLPerfectMatch Technology is now integrated into the product, which eliminates the requirement for 100% in-context analysis, saving companies up to 60% of the time and cost associated with unneeded translation review

- Wizards automate the task of multilingual project creation to allow companies to spend more time on quality assurance and less on project preparation

- Full support for Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista future-proofs your company to be prepared to accept more project work from more departments

"The translation supply chain is critical to how corporations deliver content in different languages. SDL Trados 2007 is a major milestone in unifying the supply chain and automating the delivery of multilingual content through a powerful new package concept for file delivery," commented Keith Laska, Vice President of SDL TRADOS Technologies. "Coupled with new project management automation, a real-time dashboard view of your entire world, and powerful quality assurance checks, this product is faster, friendlier and more powerful than anything before."

Pricing and Availability
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