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SDL Announces SDL PerfectMatch

SDL plc

Tuesday, 17 October, 2006

New innovation in translation memory matching to accelerate time-to-market & drive down costs

Maidenhead, UK -- SDL International, the leading provider of Global Information Management (GIM) solutions, today announced the availability of SDL PerfectMatch technology, fully integrated within SDL Trados Synergy 2006. SDL PerfectMatch technology accelerates the delivery of global content by removing the need for lengthy human review times within the translation supply chain.

"With the release of SDL Trados Synergy 2006, SDL has revolutionized the concept of Translation Memory matching, and has innovated around the 'perfect match' for translation memory systems" says Keith Mills, President, SDL Technology. "SDL PerfectMatch technology completely eliminates the requirement for in-context 100% match review and is a major breakthrough that will help corporations around the world to manage the massively growing volumes of information required to compete on the global stage."

Define once, match multiple times -- perfectly
The goal of all Corporations is to define a message once and enforce consistency of that message across global markets in local languages. To achieve this takes significant manual checking of how phrases are used and matched within Corporate literature. SDL PerfectMatch technology cuts time from the human verification process by automating in-context translation management.

"Historically, 100% matches could be argued to always require human review - a source sentence could be translated in more than one way, depending on the context of the phrase" explained Keith Mills. "With SDL PerfectMatch technology, corporations no longer have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars paying for the review of 100% matches. Language Service Providers can avoid countless hours unneccesarily reviewing 100% matches. SDL PerfectMatch technology distinguishes between in-context and out-of-context 100% sentence matches, guaranteeing a perfect match with the previously translated source. This will accelerate the time to deliver global content and will help companies to be more agile and competitive".

Additional Details
For a complete listing of the features and capabilities of SDL PerfectMatch, customers can visit: www.sdl.com/synergy

SDL PerfectMatch, fully integrated within SDL Trados Synergy 2006, is available now.

About SDL International
SDL International (London Stock Exchange: 'SDL') is the leader in global information management (GIM) solutions that empower organizations to accelerate the delivery of high-quality multilingual content to global markets. Its enterprise software and services integrate with existing business systems to manage global information from authoring to publication and throughout the distributed localization supply chain.

Global industry leaders rely on SDL to provide enterprise software or hosted services for their GIM processes, including Audi, Bayer, Best Western, Bosch, Canon, Deutsche Bank, Kodak, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Reuters and SAP. SDL has implemented more than 150 enterprise GIM solutions, has deployed over 130,000 software licenses across the GIM ecosystem and provides access to on-demand translation portals for 10 million customers per month. Over 1000 service professionals deliver consulting, implementation and language services through its global infrastructure of more than 50 offices in 30 countries. For more information, visit www.sdl.com.

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