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E.g., 07/17/2019

Sajan's Med Device Clientele Surges

Sajan, Inc.

Wednesday, 7 September, 2005

Sajan, a leader in global communication management technology and translation services, is rapidly expanding its reach into the medical device market.

From the initial release of GCMS 2005 earlier this year, Sajan increased the number of med device clients using its translation services and technology by 50%. Sajan's vice president of sales, Mike Morin, attributes the increase to Sajan's expertise in translation technology while listening to the voice of the customer. "This is a prime example of how Sajan excels at meeting the needs of our customers through services and technology."

According to Morin, medical device companies are clamoring for solutions to help them comply with complex federal regulations, particularly the FDA's regulation concerning electronic records and electronic signatures called 21 CFR Part 11. Morin adds, "These companies cannot achieve compliance with non-integrated technology and separate services."

Sajan's latest release of GCMS 2005 features an online 21 CFR Part 11 tool help highly regulated companies manage their electronic record processes. GCMS now contains many of the technical requirements to support a compliant system, and is therefore readily compatible with CFR part 11 compliant customers' procedural and administrative controls, including integrated auditing and version control as well as online certificates of authenticity for each language and each file of each project.

Sajan, Inc. offers global communication management technologies in addition to language translation services. Sajan's technology is developed with the enterprise user in mind. GCMS 2005 is provided as a service supplement to Sajan's language translation clients. Sajan's industry-focused solutions and business intelligence help clients communicate with the rest of the world.

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