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Safaba’s Board Appoints New CEO

Safaba Translation Solutions Inc.

Wednesday, 28 May, 2014

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA – Safaba Translation Solutions, Inc., the technology leader in machine translation for global enterprises, announced today organizational changes in its management team.

Effective immediately, Udi Hershkovich will assume the role of CEO. “Udi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in growing technology companies such as Safaba,” says Dr. Alon Lavie, founding CEO and chairman of the board. “We are now positioning Safaba for growth, and the expertise that Udi and our team bring will create the infrastructure we need to achieve that growth.”

“Safaba is about quality. My role is to cultivate our customer base, and to support our technology experts in creating systems and solutions that not only outperform industry competitors on cost, volume and speed, but on quality most of all,” says Hershkovich. “I am proud and excited to take on the responsibility of leading this company, and I see a very bright future for Safaba.”

Dr. Lavie will assume the role of Safaba’s Chief Technology Officer. As co-founder and inventor of Safaba’s technology platform, this change will allow Dr. Lavie to concentrate his efforts on developing Safaba’s next generation of ground-breaking automated translation solutions. Dr. Robert Olszewski, Lavie’s co-founder, will assume the role of Chief Operations Officer.