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RoundTable Studio hires Craig Myers as North American Regional Representative

RoundTable Studio

Monday, 18 May, 2015

Leading Latin American language service provider RoundTable Studio is pleased to introduce Craig Myers as its new Client Engagement Manager, based in Portland, Oregon. With established production centers in Argentina and Brazil, and a business management hub in Spain, the appointment of Craig as US Representative signals a key initiative by the company to continue to develop focus and commitment towards the North American market.

Craig is fluent in Spanish and brings more than 20 years of language industry experience, having held senior roles with leading games publishers, multilingual tools developers, outsourced product development agencies, and leading global language services providers. Apart from successfully leading business development activities, he boasts extensive expertise in all aspects of production, and this combination of skills will be key to engaging clients that seek to take advantage of working directly with a Latin American regional specialist for their translation and localization needs.

Teddy Bengtsson, Founder/Director of RoundTable Studio, said: "We have grown into an industry leader in our market by constantly developing our production infrastructure. Quite simply, we believe this is where our clients want us to focus our efforts in order to bring them maximum return on investment. With Craig on board, we will be positioned to capitalize further on our production know-how, and tailor customized language service solutions that meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations". RoundTable Studio covers an extensive list of vertical markets, including IT/software, telecoms, business/finance, education/e-learning, life sciences, engineering/mechanics, etc. In recent years RTS has also added a specialized solution for games localization, and has successfully collaborated with major games publishers to produce AAA titles as well as mobile and casual games in Spanish and Portuguese for the Latin American markets.

Craig Myers added: "I am honored to be joining RoundTable Studio, where I will work closely with a vibrant and talented team of highly experienced, competent, and most of all stable, production staff members. Its focus on client satisfaction within our core specialties, combined with low staff turn-over rates, is unique to the industry. We will make every effort to leverage my own experience with the team's considerable talents to ensure delivery of an even greater excellence of service to our clients and partners in North America and beyond".

Craig is also fully fluent in Japanese and proficient in French, and has held responsibility for managing global business initiatives with clients and partners alike, covering the Americas, Asia/Pacific, and most of Europe. He has already started in his role and looks forward to representing RoundTable Studio's interests at upcoming events, including E3 2015 in Los Angeles, and the Game QA & Localisation Forum 2015 in Barcelona, among many others to come.

RoundTable Studio specializes in translation for the Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese language markets. The company has production centers in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Porto Alegre (Brazil), a further business and project management center in Spain and now also in the USA.

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