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Retro Digital Undergoes Major Restructure With Expansion in Belfast, New Memberships, Endorsements, and Services

Dublin, 19th February 2019

Retro Digital Ltd

Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Retro Digital has announced that they have undergone a major restructure, transforming into a full-service creative agency with an international twist. Although Retro Digital will be staying true to their roots as a digital marketing agency, recent changes to the way they do business have led to them adding PR, advertising, web design, and graphic design to the portfolio of services they offer.

With Retro Digital’s latest growth comes to a new office in Belfast for their UK company, Retro Digital Belfast Ltd. On top of that, Retro Digital has become a member of the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and members of the team have had their professional knowledge endorsed by being accepted as members of the PRII (Public Relations Institute of Ireland), and the MII (Marketing Institute of Ireland).

In order to facilitate such growth, new team members include in-house web developers Matus and Andrej, graphic designer Laura, and International SEO expert Miranda.

Director Alan Presch says “just like LSPs, there are so many digital marketing agencies out there, which is why it’s so vital to differentiate. We’ve listened to our clients and done all we can to become a full-service provider for both their local and international marketing and advertising needs through a new office in Belfast and a range of new services”.

Further information about Retro Digital can be found on www.retro-digital.com


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