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QASight Test Automation at SQC Conference Dublin

RWS Moravia

Friday, 8 February, 2008

Seminar on Current Trends and Best Practices in Test Automation

Brno, Czech Republic (February 11, 2008) - Moravia Worldwide is pleased to announce that its QASight business unit – provider of product globalization outsourced testing services – will hold a seminar on test automation at the upcoming Software & Systems Quality Conference Dublin, on March 5, 2008. Titled “The Practitioner's View of Test Automation”, the seminar will provide insights into the current trends in selecting and implementing automation in testing, and will show some of the best practices leading software producers have adopted in this area through case studies.

Test automation has become an essential feature in many if not most application testing processes today. The seminar will start with the premise that for test automation to be successful, good planning and a longer-term perspective are essential, and will focus on:

* Why & where to use automation in testing strategies; what types of automation exist.
* High-level criteria for a worthwhile automation strategy: what to evaluate and consider.
* The build-or-buy decision in this area – an overview of internally-developed versus industry-available automation tools.

The seminar will build on the expertise QASight has accumulated in the area of test automation, whereby the focus is on testing and automating source-language and target-language global releases of software. Automation here helps to reduce costs, time to market and human error, and increases productivity – achieving the ubiquitous objective of ‘doing more for less’.

The seminar will be delivered by Jiri Machala, Senior Test Development Engineer at QASight. Together with his team, Jiri is responsible for developing the company’s automation and test development solutions, and works with customers to develop and customize their automation strategies.

The SQC Software & Systems Quality Conference Ireland will be held at the IMI Conference Centre, Sundyford, Dublin, on Wednesday March 5, 2008, with tutorials held a day earlier. The event is one of a series of conferences to be held throughout Europe at which more than 1,500 delegates in all – experts in software quality management and testing – are expected to attend. For more details and the full program of the event, go to www.sqs-conferences.com/ire

If you plan to attend the conference, please be sure to take a moment to visit Moravia/QASight at our booth, to learn more about QASight and our test automation solutions, and to see our “FaultFinder" testing tool. This tool provides for extended testing functionality during manual testing, by running in the background and automatically finding, and reporting in a predefined format, all GUI defects. With FaultFinder, test engineers can combine specific manual test runs with continuous GUI testing, without the need to deploy large-scale commercial automation tools.