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E.g., 04/05/2020

Program of work with Moscow higher education institutes

Janus Worldwide

Monday, 6 July, 2009

Several years ago Janus began a work development program with Moscow higher education institutes in the area of personnel training.

The first seminar took place on 12 March at Moscow State University's Faculty of Arts. Seminars at Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow Institute of Linguistics and the Moscow Institute for Foreign Languages took place in March and April.

Janus' leading specialists, the managers of the General Projects and German divisions prepared the seminar. The following topics were covered during the seminar:

1. General information on translation programs (CAT tools), description of the working process
2. Comparative analysis of leading programs
3. Demonstration of key software features
4. Main points of work with large companies (account of translator and project manager roles)
5. "Errors in Translation" presentation

The seminars generated sincere interest amongst the audience, and sparked animated discussion with students. After discussion the assurance remained that our specialists would return to Moscow State with fresh subjects for debate, where they will be awaited by appreciative listeners.

In addition to seminars relating to programs of work with higher education establishments, a competition for the best translation among third, fourth and fifth year students was announced. Competition has finished on the 1th of July, winners received a cash prize, paid training and a work placement at the company.
Particular attention is paid at Janus to the training of students. During training students will be offered the opportunity to study the entire process of translation production and localization within the framework of large projects from leading organizations in the fields of IT, mechanical engineering, the oil and gas industry and many others. In addition to this mastery of CAT tools and assimilation of technical terminology will be emphasized during training.