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Post-Event Report: LISE Brasil. GALA Puts Software Localization on the Map at the 1st Edition of LISE Brasil

By: Sarah Hyde (Ccaps Translation and Localization) - Ccaps Translation and Localization

07 February 2005

Participants networked, watched a capoeira presentation, exchanged ideas with attendees from Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Germany and the U.S. among other countries, and learned more about the software localization industry.

In addition to presentations by industry experts such as Renato Beninatto, Bert "Practical Guide to Localization" Esselink, and Reinhard Schäler from the Localization Research Center of the University of Limerick in Ireland, a Brazilian market analyst outlined the results of a government-sponsored study of the Brazilian software industry. This report optimistically anticipated extensive cooperation among Brazilian software companies, the adoption of standards and open source, academic integration, and government support. But the important message, echoed by the former Brazilian Ambassador to the U.S. who predicted great opportunities for Brazilian high-technology industries on a level playing field, is that Brazil is gearing itself up as a software producing nation/language that could get localization "right the first time".

Francilene Garcia, a professor at the Federal University of Campina Grande, shared her views on the challenges of entering the Chinese market, while the former Brazilian Ambassador to the United States discussed the Brazilian-US trade relations and gave his predictions for the upcoming years.

Don DePalma, former GALA board member and author of Business Without Borders: A Strategic Guide to Global Marketing, was the keynote speaker of the conference. According to DePalma, this debut event served as an excellent networking opportunity in Brazil: "By asking questions and interacting among themselves, the participants ensured a lively discussion both inside and outside the sessions," said DePalma. "As a board member of GALA, one of the sponsors, I was pleased to see the high level of interest in the very difficult but necessary task of localizing products and globalizing companies."

GALA was one of four event sponsors and several member companies were present at the conference, including Ccaps Translation and Localization, a company based in Rio de Janeiro. According to Ccaps' Managing Director, Fabiano Cid, it was high time that an event such as this one came to Brazil, to help the local market better understand the principles and best practices of localization. "I strongly believe that localization is the means for the Brazilian software industry to increase its participation in the global arena," said Cid. "We have the investments, the creativity and the people to develop top quality products for the international market. All we need now is to communicate effectively in the target language."

José; Eduardo de Lucca, the General Coordinator of GeNESS, a Brazilian software company incubator and one of the event organizers, said he was pleased with the outcome of the first edition. "LISE Brasil made localization a priority for the Brazilian software industry. This dynamic, creative and competent industry is currently organizing itself to reach other, new markets. By gathering different sectors that complement one another, such as software and localization companies, government agencies and academia, we were able to create a holistic view of the software export issue. And we will be back in 2005."


Sarah Hyde is the Project Manager for National Accounts at Ccaps Translation and Localization. She can be reached at [email protected].