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Plunet Widens International Reseller Network for the Business and Translation Management System "Plunet BusinessManager"

Plunet GmbH

Wednesday, 16 February, 2011

Berlin, February 16, 2011. Through continuous expansion of the international reseller network, Plunet GmbH has widened its flexible and user-focused process consultation services for the translation industry to important new regions. With immediate effect, T-Service will become active as a Plunet reseller for Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Synergium for the Baltic region and HCR for Portugal.


For Bastian Enners, Head of Sales Europe, the key to any cooperation with a reseller is particularly the combination of hands-on, day-to-day closeness to the customer and the consistently high quality of the Plunet consultation services. "It is very important for us to ensure that the consultation services are delivered to a consistently high quality. This applies to the work of our direct sales department and to our resellers in equal measure.


Consequently, all of our new resellers are renowned translation agencies who use Plunet BusinessManager themselves every day as their central translation management system for the planning, management and controlling of their company processes. They know the needs of the industry better than anyone else and understand the potential of Plunet BusinessManager to solve them."


Svetlana Svetova, CEO of T-Service says, "We are happy to start selling Plunet right away. Ever since we started using Plunet as our translation management system last year, our experience has attracted a lot of attention from our customers and partners, and we've been approached by prospective clients who wanted to work through a Russian distributor. As a reseller of different automated translation solutions, now we'll be able to play an even greater role in the much needed modernization of the Russian & CIS language services industry. There's no doubt that innovative solutions from our partners Plunet will be well-received in our markets."


João Ruivo, General Manager of HCR says, “We have done a thorough check-up on all of the market players for business solutions in the translation industry. It was our goal to find management software that met our expectations here at HCR and could be sold to other translation vendors in the Portuguese market. Plunet BusinessManager has absolutely convinced us - it is a state-of-the-art and international leading industry solution. It supports the planning, management and controlling of our manifold business processes and therefore directly affects our positive company development. It is not only Plunet’s technological expertise that has convinced us. Furthermore, the comprehensive and professional support from the first sales presentation through to the implementation process and the continuous customer service is superb. We broaden our reseller portfolio with a solution that is well-matched to our customers growing requirements.”


Mindaugas Kazlauskas, Managing Director of Synergium UAB says, “We are the biggest localization agency in Lithuania, also a big player in the Baltic States, and Plunet has contributed significantly to our success. Not only all projects in our five offices are being managed by using Plunet BusinessManager, but also the Synergium group of companies itself. The system enables the tracking of all essential business key performance indicators to managers of any level, from project managers to CEOs. It is proven that Plunet’s business centric Translation Management Platform fits the requirements of language companies all around the world. Therefore, Synergium will support Plunet as the official reseller in the Baltic countries. The managers in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia now will have the opportunity to grow their companies by having business in control, by working smarter, with many processes fully automated.”



About Plunet



Plunet develops and markets the business and workflow management software "Plunet BusinessManager" - one of the world's leading management solutions for the translation and localization industry.  



Plunet BusinessManager provides a high degree of automation and flexibility for professional language service providers and translation departments. Using a web-based platform, Plunet integrates translation software, financial accounting and quality management systems. Various functions and extensions of Plunet BusinessManager can be adapted to individual needs within the configurable system. Basic functions include quote, order and invoice management, comprehensive financial reports, flexible job and workflow management as well as deadline, document and customer relationship management.  Please ask for a detailed list of the extensive capabilities.


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