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Plunet selected by McElroy Translation as the company's central business and translation management system

Plunet GmbH

Monday, 15 March, 2010

Austin, Texas / Berlin, Germany (March 15, 2010) – In the future, McElroy Translation will be using Plunet BusinessManager as the company’s central business and translation management system for all aspects of business planning, controlling and management.


For more than 40 years, this well-known full-service agency in Texas has helped shape the translation industry beyond the borders of the USA. As one of the original global players, McElroy Translation has always prided itself on providing translation services characterized by innovative and efficient management processes. Worldwide, more than 850 satisfied McElroy Translation customers benefit from this approach. As part of an ongoing commitment to optimizing corporate processes and structures, the company has now decided to introduce Plunet. This marks an important step on the path towards integrated business and translation management.


Stefan Dümig, CEO and co-founder of Plunet GmbH, explains the comprehensive benefits that Plunet BusinessManager will bring to McElroy: With their selection of Plunet, McElroy Translation has also underscored its continued claim of technological leadership, which will help to create key strategic and technical advantages in the global marketplace. The system is especially well-suited for optimizing all processes relating to translation service providers. From sales/marketing and project management to financial controlling and senior management - Plunet BusinessManager increases productivity and cost-effectiveness in all areas of the company.”


 “McElroy Translation is constantly seeking ways to streamline processes and gain efficiencies that ultimately lead to increased quality, timely delivery and overall customer satisfaction.  Plunet’s BusinessManager application met our rigorous evaluation process and our focus on a system that could accommodate new translation and localization solutions for our growing customer base.  With the Plunet implementation, McElroy will be able to provide customers with a highly efficient ordering process for all their translation needs, even complex, customized solutions.” says Olga Pechnenko-Kopp, CEO of McElroy Translation.


About Plunet

Plunet BusinessManager provides a high degree of automation and flexibility for professional language service providers and translation departments. On a web-based platform, Plunet integrates translation software, financial accounting and quality management systems. Various functions and extensions of Plunet BusinessManager can be adapted to individual needs within an arbitrary modular construction system. Basic functions comprise, among other things, quote, order and invoice management including comprehensive financial reports, flexible job and workflow management as well as deadline, document and customer relationship management. For more information please visit: www.plunet.de


About McElroy Translation

McElroy Translation places 42 years of experience, extensive linguistic resources, and advanced business processes to work for every client. McElroy provides legal, technical, medical and business translation, as well as software and website localization. As a full-service language solution provider, McElroy employs in-house desktop publishing specialists, as well as expert project and account managers. McElroy’s technology professionals combine workflow and translation management systems to provide its clients with customized solutions. For more information please visit: www.mcelroytranslation.com/


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