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Plunet releases the brand-new version 4.5 of the business and translation management platform "Plunet BusinessManager"

Plunet GmbH

Friday, 18 December, 2009


Berlin, Germany (18 December 2009) -- Plunet has released BusinessManager 4.5 with a host of new functions and enhancements. Whether for project management, sales, bookkeeping or senior management of translation companies - Plunet offers a complete solution for successful translation management. It's more than a software – it's your business!


With Plunet BusinessManager 4.5, all external resources (translators, proofreaders, DTP specialists, etc.) can now generate their invoices directly in the system at the push of a button and release the invoices for checking. The big advantage: All information is kept up-to-date in Plunet, so that incoming invoices do not have to be recorded separately by the project manager and the bookkeeping department. This saves time and increases the transparency of the invoicing process for everyone involved. Other translation management functions, such as the freelancer checklists, have been optimized even further in terms of user-friendliness and sustained quality assurance.


In the future, Plunet BusinessManager will offer a dynamic interface with the well-known and widely-used text counting software PractiCount. The new PractiCount Manager providesa seamless workflow between PractiCount and Plunet. At the push of a button, users can generate an automatic analysis directly from BusinessManager for all file formats that can be analyzed with PractiCount. Afterwards, Plunet links the results of the analysis with the predefined prices for characters, words or lines in the relevant language combination. The quote or order items are generated automatically and will be available for direct assignment of the job. PractiCount Manager will be available starting in Spring 2010 as an expansion for all editions of Plunet BusinessManager.



The range of financial functions in Plunet BusinessManager has also been expanded.


Starting with version 4.5, the currency rates will automatically be updated on a daily basis. The daily rates for the relevant business transactions are then reflected in all financial, cost-effectiveness and production reports. Whether for senior management, purchasing or bookkeeping in translation companies – this ensures that the entire process is simplified and accelerated across currency boundaries. in the system. If quotes, orders, jobs or invoices are created, the system will automatically convert prices to the local currency at the current daily rate of exchange.


About Plunet

Plunet BusinessManager is the complete software solution for the translation and localization industry. On a web-based platform, the system offers the perfect tool for business, workflow and document management – integrating translation software, accounts and bookkeeping systems and existing systems landscapes – for translation agencies and translation departments, documentation departments, organizations and authorities.


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