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E.g., 03/29/2020

Plunet presents the brand new BusinessManager Version 4.3

Plunet GmbH

Thursday, 26 March, 2009

Flexibility, transparency, control. Plunet presents BusinessManager 4.3 with a number of impressive new functions and improvements which will significantly ease the day-to-day workload of project managers.

With BusinessManager Version 4.3, the flexible new Dashboard offers a complete at-a-glance overview of the full range of Plunet dates and deadlines. The big advantage: time-wasting scrolling is a thing of a past. The Plunet Dashboard provides the user with a complete overview of all relevant projects - including the number and turnover - directly on the screen. Project managers are now just a single click away from the relevant quotes, orders, jobs or invoices. In addition, all information can be individually shown or hidden according to personal preferences. This means: maximum flexibility, transparency and control.

With immediate effect Plunet now enables the numerous BusinessManager customers to send each other entire projects at the push of a button. The quote and order data are automatically created in the recipient's system, where they can then be processed by the recipient. The required project files are also transferred at the same time. With this new function, Plunet supports collaborative and flexible user structures within the rapidly growing network of BusinessManager customers. The clear benefits for these customers include a significant reduction in the time taken to process projects, as well as an effective reduction in the number of mistakes made along the way thanks to the intelligent Plunet process automation.

BusinessManagement functions in particular have been expanded even further with the release of the new version 4.3. As well as the familiar option of creating PDF files in the order area, quotes and invoices can now also be automatically generated in PDF format within BusinessManager and sent as email attachments. The Plunet PDF Manager Module is included with all Corporate and Enterprise Editions.

In addition, Plunet BusinessManager 4.3 also offers new finance query options which many feel are absolutely essential, particularly at senior management level. With the new Cashflow Report, liquidity planning is totally straightforward and transparent. An absolute "must-have" feature - not only in these economically turbulent times.

About Plunet

Plunet BusinessManager is the complete management solution for the translation and documentation industry. On a web-based platform, the system - includes business management as well as process and document management - integrating translation software, financial accounting systems and existing software environments – For LSPs, translation and documentation departments, organizations and government agencies.