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E.g., 04/05/2020

Plunet BusinessManager Version 4.4 from August 2009!

Plunet GmbH

Friday, 14 August, 2009

The summer is getting hot! With the new update of the Plunet BusinessManager, the world’s leading Business and workflow solution for the translation industry, Plunet offers new outstanding functions and enhancements.

Requests and registrations from prospective customers can now directly be started from corporate web pages of translation agencies. The request and registration (and quotation) dialogue is connected with the respective Plunet BusinessManager system and can be adapted easily to the corporate webpage. After entering the necessary information prospective customers automatically receive their login details. Afterwards, they are able to enter a request. Customer consultants can capitalize on the simplified and accelerated request- and prospect-process. Positive side effect: During the initial contact via the corporate homepage a standardized and professional corporate appearance is supported.

The status and finance reports of the Plunet BusinessManager also have been upgraded. Now, within the order section, it is possible to search for job and project types, as well as text modules. Moreover, resource costs (i.e. translators or lecturers) of found jobs can be summed up, analyzed and displayed graphically. Status reports for outgoing invoices, gross profit and price can be filtered according to the purpose of the project, the order number of the customer and self defined text modules. Last but not least the status reports for incoming invoices have been extended towards filtering bank statements and text modules. Text modules are fully customizable fields with self-created values that have been announced in our previous version.

Especially the area of well known and manifold business management functions has been developed and updated in Version 4.4, offering advantages for all users – from project- to top-management. In future, all accountable orders of a selected customer can be combined to a collective invoice. This new automated feature allows significant time reduction for LSPs with high order numbers and diversified customer structures.

Besides the mentioned features, the Plunet BusinessManager offers further useful developments and improvements, which we are looking forward to present our prospects at forthcoming conferences. Feel free to contact us.

About Plunet
Plunet GmbH, represented in Würzburg and Berlin, develops and markets the
business and workflow management software "Plunet BusinessManager" - one of the world's leading standard software solutions for translation sector.

Using a web-based platform, the system offers an excellent tool for business, workflow and document management and integrates translation software, financial accounting systems as well as existing system environments for translation service providers and language services.

Plunet BusinessManager provides a high degree of automation and flexibility for professional users. Various functions and extensions of BusinessManager can be adapted to individual needs within an arbitrary modular construction system. Basic functions comprise, among other things, quote, order and invoice management including comprehensive financial reports, flexible job and workflow management as well as deadline, document and partner management. For more information please visit www.plunet.de

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