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Plunet Berlin grows!

Plunet GmbH

Thursday, 3 January, 2008

The Berlin-based Plunet team was reinforced in December 2007 by the appointment of Gottfried Arne Vonderlinn as new product manager. Vonderlinn studied information management and is specialized in workflow optimization. He is jointly responsible for the future further development of Plunet BusinessManager software.

Plunet is also expanding its team on the marketing side. With immediate effect, Daniel Rejtö is the new marketing and communications manager at the Berlin office. Rejtö graduated in media studies and has acquired experience in agency business. He has been appointed by the up-and-coming software supplier to expand its integrated corporate communications.

Plunet BusinessManager is the complete management solution for the translation and documentation industry. On a web-based platform, the system - INCLUDES business management as well as process and document management - INTEGRATES translation software, financial accounting systems and existing software environments - FOR LSPs, translation and documentation departments, organizations and government agencies.

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