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Plunet and XTM announce technology partnership - common interface set for release in spring 2014

Plunet GmbH

Thursday, 21 November, 2013

Berlin/London – Plunet and XTM International have signed a technology partnership agreement to develop a dynamic interface between Plunet BusinessManager and XTM.

Plunet BusinessManager is a leading business and translation management system for translation agencies and language service providers of businesses and institutions. One of Plunet’s main strengths is its superior flexibility and interoperability with other technologies.

XTM is a fully featured web-based CAT tool, used globally by many translators, LSPs and enterprises. The centrally stored TM and terminology interact dynamically with the translator workbench to create a truly collaborative environment for translation.  

The new interface developed by Plunet will allow highly efficient interoperability between the two systems. The integration of Plunet BusinessManager and XTM will facilitate the centralized controlling and processing of business and translation processes via the Plunet platform.  The integrated Plunet-XTM workflows will result in shorter project completion times and increased productivity at much higher quality by way of systematic automation, standardization, and interlocking of business and production processes. Detailed information on the functionality scope of the envisaged integration will be announced in coming months, and will be provided on request.

Initial reactions on the technology partnership

Plunet Marketing Director Daniel Rejtö: “Plunet is known for the fact that we offer a business management system with the most innovative interfaces for virtually all CAT tools on the market today, giving us a market leadership position that we have continued to expand over the years.  Our latest partnership with XTM and the resulting integration of the XTM translation software with Plunet has been the focus of attention in the industry. We already share a number of common customers for whom the new interface will offer distinct advantages. We are therefore very happy to announce our new technology partnership!”

XTM CEO Bob Willans comments: “We are delighted to enter into a technology partnership with Plunet. XTM has been designed as a modular CAT tool with an advanced web service API, meaning it can be easily integrated with systems such as Plunet. The combined offering will provide customers with a complete and powerful end to end solution, which has the flexibility to meet a wide assortment of translation needs. This is exactly what our customers require in today’s competitive environment.”

About XTM International

XTM International develops XTM, an EU award-winning online CAT tool, available via the public or private cloud.  The centrally shared TM, terminology, workflow and translator workbench are all accessed via a bowser.

XTM is cost effective, easy to use, includes filters for all common file types and is built for collaboration. Our global customers range from freelancers to the largest LSPs and enterprises. More information is available at: www.xtm-intl.com and for a free trial www.xtm-intl.com/trial

About Plunet

With offices in Würzburg, Berlin and New York, Plunet GmbH develops and markets the business and translation management software "Plunet BusinessManager", one of the leading management solutions for the translation and localization industry. 

Plunet BusinessManager provides a high degree of automation and flexibility for professional language service providers and translation departments. Using a web-based platform, Plunet integrates translation software, financial accounting and quality management systems. Within a configurable system, various functions and extensions of Plunet BusinessManager can be adapted to individual needs. Basic functions include quote, order and invoice management, comprehensive financial reports, flexible job and translation workflow management as well as deadline, document and customer relationship management. Please ask for a detailed list of the extensive capabilities. For more information please visit: www.plunet.com