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Plunet Academy presentation about software-based project management inspires students at Kent State

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Friday, 28 November, 2008

Kent State University - Kent, Ohio, USA - As part of the Plunet Academy, Bastian Enners, Director of Sales/Marketing and Daniel Rejtö, Communication and Marketing Manager for Plunet, made a presentation at Kent State University on the subject of software-based project management in the translation industry. The Plunet Academy is the university training program recently established by the renowned software company. Its aim is to establish a network of universities, partner companies and key communicators in order to promote teaching content which is relevant to the industry.

Daniel Rejtö, who is the driving force behind the expansion of university partnerships at Plunet, believes that universities are becoming interested in more in-depth studies of project management. "The importance of project management for the translation industry is growing. And in the future, this is exactly where suppliers will be able to set themselves apart. The core issue here is the professionalization of an entire branch of industry - a process which will separate the wheat from the chaff," predicts the communications and marketing expert. "This is why it is very important to us that students gain a realistic insight into the industry they will be later working in as early as possible. Universities are now recognizing that they also need to provide their translation graduates with project management basics. Plunet is committed to working with universities. We aim to create general awareness of the topic, share experiences from the industry and discuss the issues with the project managers of tomorrow," adds Rejtö.

This pragmatic focus is shared by faculty members of the Institute for Applied Linguistics at Kent State University. Since its creation in 1989, the Institute for Applied Linguistics has developed and implemented advanced educational programs in professional translation. Students learn to understand, perform and evaluate the processes that are required during the course of translation and localization projects. Against this backdrop, Professor Keiran Dunne, who teaches a course on project management, welcomes the future cooperation with Plunet launched with the above-mentioned presentation. "Project management is the glue that binds the individual parts of a translation or localization project. So we look forward to this collaboration. Ultimately, all parties stand to gain. Our students gain further insight into the industry, while Plunet gets a chance to sit down with the decision makers of tomorrow," summarizes Professor Dunne.

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