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Planning to Travel Abroad this Summer? Ditch the Phrase Book and Pack FreeTranslation.com

SDL plc

Thursday, 10 June, 2010

Popular website provides free translation for travelers before, during and after their trips


Maidenhead, United Kingdom (09 June 2010) - SDL, the leading provider of Global Information Management solutions today announced the start of the summer holiday season!


Whether planning a trip, traveling, or keeping in touch when you get home again, tourists and business travelers all have to contend with the barrier of language that increases stress and takes the joy out of planning and travelling for business or pleasure.


Of course, there is an answer - since its launch in 1999 FreeTranslation.com has been helping individuals break through language barriers in written communication. From websites, through email to social media, students, business people and travelers visit www.freetranslation.com over 10 million times a month. Over the last couple of months many travelers have found themselves stranded in foreign countries and have not been able to find phrases associated with the volcanic ash disruptions in their phase books.  With the help of FreeTranslation.com, which is regularly updated with topical words and terms, travelers can instantly communicate with airline representatives, read updated travel content on websites and better understand their travel situation.


So why would travelers use FreeTranslation.com?


Before you travel

Use www.freetranslation.com directly or download free tools for your Google Toolbar,
Internet Explorer and iGoogle  to:


  • Research  the local area – plan days out, understand local amenities, discover the “must sees” and translate the details like opening times, prices and descriptions

  • Learn commonly used phrases – “Can I have a beer please?” “There are cockroaches in my room!”“Please can I have the bill?” “If my flight is cancelled, will I get a refund?”

  • Contact foreign friends or colleagues – arrange to meet up, translating the conversation as you go

  • Learn the language with our subscription service (Platinum Club) - have your translations read out to you with text-to-speech in 26 different languages


While you are there

FreeTranslation is available as a free application for our iPhone® or can be accessed from your mobile phone’s internet browser at www.FreeTranslation.com/mobile.
You can use FreeTranslation.com/mobile or the iPhone application while on your trip to:


  • Translate directions, instructions and signs to find your way around and stay safe

  • Translate  lists of ingredients on food packaging to avoid additives and allergic reactions

  • Talk to a doctor, the police, dentist or a hospital in an emergency


FreeTranslation.com/mobile is optimized for use on mobile phones, using as little data traffic as possible to minimize costs, and is easily accessed from the web browser of even the slowest (GPRS) mobile phone connections. So if you cannot understand what’s on the menu in a restaurant, a quick visit to the site will help you out, without costing more than the tip you will leave for the waiter!*


When you get home again

Carry on using www.freetranslation.com to:


  • Keep up on Facebook® with the people you have met even if they speak a different language, with the free Facebook translation tool

  • Resolve disputes over hotel bills through improved communication by translating emails

  • Translate communications  (perhaps from pen-pals)  to continue learning the language of the country you visited

  • Avoid the holiday blues by researching for your next holiday!


FreeTranslation.com background

FreeTranslation.com was launched in 1999 and gets over 10 million visits per month. SDL publishes over 7 billion words of content through its automated translation systems every year. A recent study of the FreeTranslation traffic showed the following translation trends:


  • Small phrases of 5-10 words tend to be conversational in nature, sometimes romantic, possibly used while people are chatting on Instant Messaging, email or social networks

  • Larger phrases of 15-20 words tend to be for trade and business, business to customer communications (e.g. postage & delivery charges, travel & holiday information)

  • Top languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese


As well as providing free translation services with FreeTranslation.com, SDL integrates machine translation technology with consulting services, desktop translation memory and enterprise translation management systems in hosted, on-premise or SaaS environments, to suit the needs of global businesses.  A 300-strong team of computational linguists, project managers and post-editors has been human post-editing machine translation for global clients for over 6 years.


 “Language is a frustrating barrier to travelers and for global business.” said Alan Sloan, CEO of SDL’s Language Technologies division. “SDL’s solutions for students, translators and global businesses break that barrier and allow for easy communication between people that would have previously not been able to interact.”


Every year, SDL conducts an annual survey on the use of machine translation in global business. For the full results of the SDL Automated Translation Survey and to view a recorded webinar  please go to http://www.sdl.com/machine-translation-survey/


Link to the FreeTranslation.com free tools: http://www.freetranslation.com/store/?linkId=freeTransHomeV3


*Note the cost of accessing www.freetranslation.com/mobile will vary by mobile service provider, your service plan and from country to country when travelling. Please consult your service provider or their website for details.



About SDL

SDL is the leader in Global Information Management solutions, which provide increased business agility to enterprises by accelerating the delivery of high-quality multilingual content to global markets. The company’s integrated Web Content Management, eCommerce, Structured Content and Language Technologies, combined with its Language Services drive down the cost of content creation, management, translation and publishing. SDL solutions increase conversion ratios and customer satisfaction through targeted information that reaches multiple audiences around the world through different channels.


Global industry leaders who rely on SDL include ABN-Amro, Bosch, Canon, CNH, FICO, Hewlett-Packard, KLM, Microsoft, NetApp, Philips, SAP, Sony and Virgin Atlantic. SDL has over 1500 enterprise customers, has deployed over 170,000 software licenses and provides access to on-demand portals for 10 million customers per month. It has a global infrastructure of more than 50 offices in 34 countries. For more information, visit www.sdl.com.


About SDL Language Technologies

SDL’s Language Technologies division helps companies manage their communications with customers in different languages. The solutions ensure consistency of style and brand, automate manual processes in managing multilingual content and provide instant, automated translation of content. The solutions also ensure translators can reuse content and improve their productivity in content and software localization.


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