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Paragon Language Services Acquires In Every Language

Paragon Language Services, Inc.

Monday, 30 March, 2015

Los Angeles, California – Paragon Language Services has acquired Washington, DC-based translation provider In Every Language.  “The acquisition will supplement Paragon’s growing life science business with a roster of small and mid-sized medical device makers,” according to Paragon Founder and CEO Hanne Mintz.  This acquisition comes at a time of aggressive organic growth for Paragon -- an existing 258% increase in revenue over the last four years. Paragon is also in the process of moving to new offices in Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile. According to Paragon President, Marina Mintz, “Our organic growth, coupled with our recent acquisition, positions Paragon among the fastest growing companies in an equally fast growing global industry.”

The acquisition adds telephone interpreting, website translation and mobile app localization to Paragon’s already diverse service offerings, in addition to strengthening the company's medical device, manufacturing and tech sector client base. Paragon has hired In Every Language CEO Terena Bell as its new Vice President of Marketing. Bell will remain in Washington, DC to oversee Paragon’s East Coast operations.

About Paragon:

Paragon has been helping clients big and small break down language barriers and connect with audiences around the world since 1991. Providing premium translation, localization and interpreting solutions in over 90 languages, Paragon attributes its rapid growth to its dedicated clients, loyal staff and expert translators, making the company one of Los Angeles' best to work with and for.

About In Every Language:

In Every Language helped clients move translation from a cost center to a profit driver. Based in Washington, DC, they were an internationally-recognized, professional provider of translating, interpreting and localization solutions in over 180 languages, serving clients in the US, Canada and Europe. Founded in Louisville, KY in 2005, In Every Language maintained additional offices in New York, NY, Durham, NC, Urbana, IL, and Richmond, VA.