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The Palex German Language Translators’ Contest started in Tomsk

Palex Group Inc.

Monday, 7 October, 2013

alex Group Inc. has set itself the objective of popularizing foreign languages and raising the profile of the translating profession. This year the traditional contest, the eighth translators’ competition held by the company, is dedicated to the German language. Linguists from all over Russia will be competing in their knowledge of the German language for two months, from the end of September to the beginning of December 2013.


The correspondence stage of the contest started on 30th September, International Translation Day. On registering, the contender receives an assignment which consists of three sections: compulsory translation from German into Russian, from Russian into German and editing the extract from a pre-translated text with reliance on the source text.


The participants with the highest scores will be invited to the in-house stage of the contest. This will take place at the end of November in Tomsk. All finalists will receive certificates and the winners will receive cash prizes.


“It was no accident that the German language was chosen for this year’s contest”, explains Anna Chepelova, vendor manager at Palex Group Inc. “Firstly, 2013 is the 250th anniversary of the famous Manifesto of Catherine II, which gave the impetus to mass immigration of German colonists to the Russian Empire. Secondly, the Tomsk region Russo-German club is now celebrating its 20th anniversary. Immigrants from Germany and their descendants made a great contribution to the development of Siberia as a whole, and to the development of the Tomsk region in particular. We hope that our contest will contribute to more work on the conservation of German culture in our region and help the Russo-German Club experts in their important business.

Learn more about the contest here.