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Official world premiere: Plunet presents its WorkflowResourceManager at the Localization World 2008

Plunet GmbH

Tuesday, 10 June, 2008

Berlin (June 10th, 2008) – The time has come. With the introduction of the brand-new WorkflowResourceManager at this year’s Localization World in Berlin, Plunet undergirds its claim to leadership of the BusinessManager in being the most innovative and integrative project management solution for the translation industry. “For project managers, it has never been easier to plan many-faceted workflows, jobs and employees within one project flexibly, extensively and transparently”, according to Stefan Duemig, managing director and founder of Plunet. “On top of this, the WorkflowResourceManager offers a series of other highly valuable features. The creation of job chains is fully automated, for example. Furthermore, the transport of documents from one job to another works entirely intuitive without intervention of the project manager. Jobs can be scheduled with respect to the availability of employees, and status changes are made by the system itself, which shows that we also automated this particular process. This saves both time and money, and thereby provides for a higher return on investment in the company”, Duemig emphasizes enthusiastically.

In addition to the named features, the WorkflowResourceManager impresses with a profound time and cost control, which are indispensable for a professional project controlling. Furthermore, the user will have access to clear graphs of the process chains in the form of Gantt diagrams. Thereby, the management and planning of employees as well as the optimization and management of resources is easier and more transparent. The WorkflowResourceManager will be available in June 2008 as an additional module for all versions of the Plunet BusinessManager.

About Plunet
Plunet BusinessManager is the complete management solution for the translation and documentation industry. On a web-based platform, the system - includes business management as well as process and document management - integrating translation software, financial accounting systems and existing software environments – For LSPs, translation and documentation departments, organizations and government agencies.

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