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Official Launch of TAUS Data Association Marks Beginning of Industry-wide Sharing of Data

RWS Moravia

Tuesday, 2 June, 2009

Founding Member Moravia Worldwide Anticipates Clear Benefits for Clients

Brno, Czech Republic (June 2, 2009) - As founding member of the TAUS Data Association (TDA), Moravia Worldwide is pleased to support its official public launch. TDA has realized its aim to become the definitive structural platform for hosting and sharing freely accessible linguistic translation memories (TM) and glossaries, and to provide industry-wide language data sharing in a neutral, open, legal, and secure environment.

As a member of the Translation Automation User Society (TAUS), Moravia Worldwide has actively participated in the group's efforts to optimize technological advances such as machine translation and translation automation in general, with the aim to enable increased translation efficiency and overall improvement of translation quality. Moravia has supported TAUS efforts ever since the vision for a data sharing initiative was established in March 2007, and became one of the founding participants of the TAUS Data Association at its inception in June 2008.

"TDA will become the legal and structural framework for the exchange of linguistic data. It will provide the secure way our industry shares content" said Arturo Quintero, Moravia's Chief Corporate Strategist, adding, "It's the super cloud."

Moravia clients - whether TDA members on not - stand to benefit from pooled translation memory (TM) databases, reducing the cost of translation through linguistic leverage. Moravia will help clients enter new markets faster through the application of pooled TMs, and help clients influence the selection and usage of key terminology and taxonomy in their domain areas through TDA. Additionally, Moravia provides linguistic and technical services to allow for the optimal interaction with and benefit from TDA.

"The next logical progression in our industry is the building of trust among the stakeholders involved - language service providers like Moravia as well as our clients - so that the rich linguistic data that exists can be shared," noted David Filip, head of Moravia Worldwide Project Management Office, "The openness of TDA allows for this. Cross-customer, domain-specific TM pools will mean cheaper translation for our clients."

Added Filip, "TDA lays the foundation for TM sharing and data pooling with its Language Data Exchange Portal, and its Language Search feature for terminology. What's required now are advanced services, beyond the simple managing and archiving of translation memories, such as the cleaning of linguistic data to ‘train' a machine translation engine, or research to extract an organization's key terminology. To achieve the real returns we now see are possible, TDA must be more than just a repository of bulk TM data. We need real collaboration and advanced services."

"I am extremely proud to be working with our highly involved group of members who realize that by working together our industry can have a much bigger impact on the world," says Jaap van der Meer, director of TDA. "TDA gives its members the immediate potential for double-digit savings on total translation budgets and, perhaps most importantly, gives the entrepreneurs amongst us the language data needed to automate and innovate at unprecedented levels."

About TDA
TDA is a global not-for-profit organization providing a neutral and secure platform for sharing language data. Members share translation memories and glossaries and in return get access to the data of all other members. TDA is a super cloud for the global translation industry, helping members to improve translation management, fuelling translation automation and facilitating localization business innovation. www.tausdata.org.

How TDA Works

TDA's Language Data Exchange Portal works on the basis of reciprocity; members store language data in the platform and in return gain access to the translation memories and glossaries of the wider industry.

The data is organized by industry domain, company, product line and language pairs, enabling members to conveniently search and retrieve memories and glossaries to research terminology, access specific language sets or train machine translation engines.

TDA's Language Search Engine uses language data provided by TDA's wide and growing global member base, enabling translators, developers, support professionals, etc., to find and compare industry specific terminology. Advanced features, such as a lemmatizer and multilingual concordancer, provide guidance on the context of most common usage.

As a member driven organization, TDA is committed to continually consulting with members on every level of activity to ensure the services delivered are exactly what the industry needs in order to grow stronger.

About Moravia Worldwide

Moravia Worldwide is a leading globalization solution provider, enabling companies in the information technology, e-learning, life sciences and financial industries to enter global markets with high quality multilingual products. Moravia's solutions include localization and product testing services, internationalization, multilingual publishing, technical translation and content creation. With dedicated testing and engineering solutions, Moravia helps companies release their software and hardware products globally by providing services that include test development, localization and functional testing, test automation and software engineering. Moravia Worldwide maintains global headquarters in the Czech Republic and North American headquarters in California, with local offices and production centers in Japan, China, Latin America, Ireland, USA and throughout Europe. To learn more, please visit www.moraviaworldwide.com.