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New Year New Look

Jonckers has evolved...

Jonckers Translation & Engineering

Tuesday, 28 February, 2017

Jonckers 2016 was a fruitful one, a year that saw great change in a company whose image had long been that of a huge corporate conglomerate. A new CEO with fresh ideas and the best interests of the organisation in his plans as well as his heart. The founder of the company now occupying the role of Chief Strategy Officer and a hefty investment in Marketing, Business Management and streamlined, strategic global expansion set up the transition into 2017 perfectly.

With a mass of new faces, breathing new life and enthusiasm into the business, a fresh new look and ethos was spawned. A brand update that perfectly reflects the personality of Jonckers and its team. Clean, concise and youthful. We are not saying that we are losing our roots, in fact we embrace our experiences and long serving team members and, I'm sure they won't mind my saying, whilst they are not youthful in years, they more than make up for in ambition and drive to progress the company and evolve even further into the leading provider of global translation and localization services.

We would love it if you take a look at our new look site and social media channels... Look, Like, Share! Here's to a successful 2017 beyond for Jonckers and all fellow GALA Members.