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New XTRF resellers

XTRF Translation Management Systems

Tuesday, 28 July, 2009

XTRF™ Translation Management Systems is expanding its retail network. We have now signed contracts of cooperation with resellers in China and Bulgaria. MarketSolution Tech Ltd, a company based in Hong Kong, has become the XTRF™ representative on the Chinese market and Inventica Ltd, specialising in translation company software distribution, is our new reseller in Bulgaria.

Our new resellers will begin the distribution process in mid-August 2009. They will be able to offer you all XTRF™ products, including: XTRF™ Professional, XTRF™ Enterprise and XTRF™-TM.

‘There is a growing interest in our system, which is why we hope that having more resellers in particular countries will enable us to answer our customers’ queries and meet their expectations more effectively. Our new resellers are knowledgeable and experienced in collaborating with translation companies. We are positive that their enthusiasm and commitment will result in the development and improvement of activities in local translation companies,’ says Andrzej Nedoma, XTRF™ Managing Director.

If you would like to get in touch, please contact:

marketSolution Tech Ltd.

[email protected]

Iventica Ltd.
[email protected]