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The new version of the XTRF system is now available for purchase

XTRF Translation Management Systems

Wednesday, 10 December, 2008

Krakow, Poland (9 December 2008) - We are pleased to inform you that the latest 1.6 version of the XTRF™, the system dedicated to translation agencies and translation departments in large companies, is now available for purchase. The new functionalities of the system include innovative solutions facilitating automation and the control of work within projects.

In the XTRF™ 1.6 you will find a series of solutions aiming to facilitate work, expedite communication with clients and providers, as well as increase your control over supervised projects.

Some of its functionalities that are worth emphasizing include: the possibility to create templates for repeatable projects, which improves the co-ordination of following up on similar orders from a given client; a system of current operations monitoring, providing an actual view of the users who are currently logged in; improved procedures of requesting a quotation and opening projects by clients, as well as the possibility of a self-analysis of orders by co-operating translators.

Additionally, in the XTRF™ 1.6 there are new language versions of the interface available: Spanish, Latvian, and Belarusian. Automatic error reporting has been implemented, which enables the XTRF™ team to be informed about all of the current, possible problems occurring with a user. The control of unreliable partners has been improved and the scope of clients’ data has been expanded, which in turn simplifies the invoicing.

A full description of the above and other functions of XTRF™ 1.6 is enclosed and can be found on the www.xtrf.eu website, where you can also order, free of charge, the respective product presentation.

If you’d like more information about this topic, please don’t hesitate contact me.

Monika Szybowska
XTRF Marketing & PR Manager
[email protected]
ul. W. Sawka 3, Kraków, Polska

XTRF™ is a complete system for the management of translation companies. The author of the system is Lido-Lang Technical Translations, and its main creator – The European IT and Certification Institute EUTECert. The XTRF programme supports the organization of a company in three aspects: management and administration of all company activities, management of workflow and of the production process, and management of the translation process (CAT). Currently there are three options for the 1.6 version that are on sale: XTRF Professional, XTRF Enterprise, and XTRF-TM.

XTRF includes the following modules: customer, provider, evaluation, project, invoicing and accounting, reporting and analysis/ISO 9001, CRM, and a configuration module that enables one to adapt the system to the individual needs of a particular company. The programme ensures the automation of the company’s work processes, efficient collection and flow of information, and a clear structure for all of the data and projects. XTRF is written in Java; it is installed on a company’s central server and available via a web browser (web based).

For all translation companies, XTRF guarantees an increase in productivity and work efficiency, the elimination of typical errors, effective data flow, and the increase of control over the company’s operations. In order to meet the market’s expectations, XTRF, as the only product in this market branch, fulfils all the requirements of the ISO 9001 and EN15038 standards, and, consequently, facilitates the obtaining and maintaining of these respective certificates.

For more information, please visit www.xtrf.eu