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New talent for all Plunet locations

Plunet GmbH

Thursday, 3 July, 2014

Plunet continues on its expansion course, adding Sophie Halbeisen, Patrick Marchitto and Andrej Scheunberg to the mix at their German and American locations. This flurry of activity has come in response to the significant increase in new business for the leading provider of business and translation management software, which had created a need for reinforcements.

Expansion of the New York City location to step up activities in the US

Sophie Halbeisen will be joining the New York City sales team as their new business development manager. Her broad sales experience in a number of business sectors, coupled with a thorough understanding of business processes, will allow her to drive customer acquisition and offer knowledgeable support for existing Plunet customers. Sophie has studied economics at Cologne University as well as international finances in the US. The highly talented Cologne native is looking forward to her exciting new role at Plunet Inc., having most recently been employed by the German Telekom subsidiary T-Systems North America in NYC in the area of business sector development.

New technical documentation expert in Berlin

Plunet's documentation department can also look forward to a new addition: Patrick Marchitto will be joining the Plunet team in the capacity of technical editor. Patrick will be in charge of maintaining Plunet's general software documentation; he will write Plunet manuals, user instructions, and module descriptions for customers. The graduate IT specialist will furthermore assist in the twice-yearly creation of Plunet release notes, and will ensure that the online help is to date and logically structured at all times.

With Andrej Scheunberg, the Würzburg office can look forward to a new face in the software development department

Andrej Scheunberg has joined Plunet to begin his IT specialist/application development training. Over the course of the next three years, Andrej will get to know the practical side of object and application-oriented programming from the bottom up. As part of his training, Andrej will be actively involved in the ongoing development of the Plunet system, and will be in charge of small projects independently.

Stefan Dümig, Managing Director at Plunet, views the new team additions as a very positive development: "We are always on the lookout for qualified and talented people for our teams. It is the only way for us to ensure that Plunet will continue to grow long-term at a sustainable pace. We couldn't be happier — after all, we were able to add plenty of talent and know-how with Sophie, Patrick and Andrej."

About Plunet

Plunet GmbH, with offices in Würzburg, Berlin, and New York, develops and markets the business and translation management software "Plunet BusinessManager", one of the leading management solutions worldwide for the translation and localization industry.

The system offers the perfect tool for business, process, and document management via a web-based platform. It seamlessly integrates translation software, accounting, and bookkeeping systems, as well as existing system environments for translation agencies and translation departments.

The many and varied Plunet functions and add-ons, coupled with intelligent process automation offer flexible support for individual business workflows and structures. The system's basic functions include: Quote, order, and invoice management — including comprehensive financial reporting, a flexible job and workflow management, plus deadline and document management, and CRM.

For more information please visit: www.plunet.com


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