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New QA Tool For Bilingual Translation Files

Palex Group Inc.

Monday, 24 October, 2011

A new QA tool has recently became available to the translation community. Verifika™ is designed to be a fast, convenient and user-friendly tool. It supports Trados TTX format and XLIFF bilingual translation files and allows to detect and correct numerous types of formal and consistency errors in such files.


It incorporates a number of intelligent features that help reduce false positive rate, provides auto-corrections where possible, allows to ignore and unignore errors in the reports and repeats all the checks on the fly when you change a segment to make sure you did not occasionally introduce new errors. With quite flexible reports where columns may be easily grouped and sorted in the most appropriate way, it is a really powerful tool that will help you catch errors that are normally quite easy to overlook.


The tool is being developed as a result of Palex long-time commitment to deliver quality translations. When we started developing it, we knew very well what we needed. The developers work in close contact with our quality control department as well as with some early adopters of Verifika, and we try to carefully beta test each new feature or interface change to make sure our users like it.


The tool is developing rapidly; we are already working on a lot of new smart features for the next releases to make Verifika even much more powerful. To name a few, the program is going to offer a smart terminology check, intelligent teamwork and some analytics.


Interested? Want to give it a try? For a short intro, just watch this video from Verifika web site (Adobe Flash) or from YouTube. For a more extensive experience, download it and apply for a trial license. If you like it, buy it at a half of the regular price – this is our special offer until December 1, 2011. Have ideas or concerns to share? Join our beta tester team (as soon as a new beta arrives)! All our beta testers get free subscription to Verifika for a period of time that depends on their activity.


Verifika is available in two editions – Freelancer Edition is limited by three languages, and LSP Edition includes two licenses instead of one. You can opt for a full-time license or select a subscription for a necessary period of time. For more detailed information on pricing, licenses and the tool itself, visit our web site.