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New office of Janus WWI in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Janus Worldwide

Wednesday, 22 April, 2009

Janus opened up a representative office in Almaty, Kazakhstan on March 5th, 2009.

The company for a few years now has been working actively in Kazakh localization. The necessity to open up a representative office in Kazakhstan is a result of the growing translation volume and number employees at the company.

This new office will not only significantly increase our services’ quality and accessibility, but also have a positive effect on their cost and deadline length.

The new representative office will be primarily geared toward production and coordination assignments for Kazakhstan and neighboring states like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

It was not a coincidence that Janus management chose Almaty, located in the center of Eurasia and in south-eastern Kazakhstan. Almaty’s special status makes it a scientific, cultural, historical, financial and production center. Moreover, Almaty is one of Kazakhstan’s most populated cities, with 1,300,000 people.

Opening up a Janus representative office in the financial and economic center of Kazakhstan gives us the opportunity to grow further as a company that provides reliable translation services in many different languages.

Work is currently being done in Kazakh on a number of localization projections for Nokia, Fujitsu-Siemens, Samsung and Philips. Our company has in-house and freelance translators working on these projects who give special attention to editing and final quality checks. This is necessary as recent favorable developments in the information technology sector have created many devices with innovative functions that don't have a name in Kazakh. This results in a lot of disputable linguistic issues arising that our employees work hard on to find a solution for. They have already successfully completed a number of large projects. The Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and Kilimanjaro software localization projects are examples of such large projects. Our company is working to expand our network of freelance translators to finish large projects with tight deadlines. A seminar for freelance translators is planned for the end of April that will focus on teaching them how to use CAT tools, talk about the particularities in translating certain projects and explain our clients' quality requirements.

Official address: Ul. Gogolya, 84A, office 302
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